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An awesome place to find exactly what you are looking for–on any cricut cartridge!!

I find myself using this often– Thanks to the creators of this awesome Resource!



  • Love the scrap’n tote. I have 9 cartridges but will have to triple/quadruple my cartridges to make use of this cool tote:) ….Will be shopping for more cartridges, YAY!

  • I have a few cartridges but not enough to fill it but it sure would be a great start on it. I sure would love a chance to win one of them cause I know by the end of the year I will need one.

    I love you sight and I sure learn a lot from you. I know God gave you a gift of talent and to share that with all of us A big Thank You.

  • Hi Sarah!! I was hoping on over after I saw your You tube video and would love to enter the contest! Love the idea of the scrapN’tote and especially the opportunity to WIN a Cricut!! Yippee!!!

  • Hey, I am hoping to get in on the opportunity to WIN the scranN’tote. Please let me know what else I need to do. Also if I don’t win, can you tell me the details on ordering one????

  • What a super idea!!! Perfect solution, i’ve been storing my cartridges in a basket, this is easy and would allow for a lot more space. It’s a tad expensive, so i’ll have to save and I’d love the pink one as my mom is a survivor. She had a double radical mysectomy a few years ago and I know she would love it too!!!

  • I’d love to win the tote. I’ve been using the McGull tote which holds lots of cartridges but is not very good at holding the manuals or pads for the cricuts so it’s pretty hard to find them when you go to get them you have to dig through each and everyone. The only plus with these totes from McGull is that it does carry alot of cartridges and I have over 150 so I have two almost full at this time and as fast as Cricut puts them out it’s hard to keep up with them. There has to be a better cartridge/manual/keypad system capable of holding large amounts with as much as they are releasing. Some people, such as myself, like to have most if not all of the cartridges they release and not having a storage system that is portable for crops is frustrating to say the very least. The McGull is portable but not user friendly with the keypads and manuals as I mentioned priorly with organization.

  • I love the pink tote, as I dont have one right now, my gramdmother died from breast cancer, my mom in law is in chemo right now, and my best friend is a survivor, i even made a bouquet of pink ribbons from plaser and painted them, for the cancer center leaving one just white, as she is still on her Journey , and a poem i would like to share with all.
    On Your Journey
    May these ribbons represent
    the next stage of your life,
    the new challenges you will face,
    and the many lives you will touch
    on your journey

    dedicated the my best friend

  • I lost my directions on how to use the crop a dile. The tutorial gave this site to find the combinations. I can not locate them.

  • My parents got me the scrap ‘n tote for my birthday and I love it. It holds all of my cartridges that I have and I will use it a lot to be able to keep my cartridges organized and all in one place. When I get it filled I’m sure that I will request another one.

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