Who Even Are You?

Well…This question came up recently when I was chatting with an old friend. It was said in jest, but really, when I think about the years I’ve known this person, it’s a fair question.

Lots has changed over the last 10 years. (I had to pause & look at my calendar to make sure it was indeed 2019, and it had really been 10 years…because that just couldn’t be possible.)

I’ve had a couple more kids, so I am still a mother, albeit a slightly busier one.

I am still married to Kyle, so I am still a wife, albeit a slightly older (er…wiser) one.

I still love coffee & champagne, so that hasn’t changed, though the style may have changed some. (straight espresso now, sometimes with a hint of foam…most often not though. I’ll blame that change on the extra kids. extra kids = extra caffeine.)

So, what has changed?

We live in Texas, and though it has grown on us…(weather included), I am still a midwest girl, at heart.

I still have a craft room full of things to make- and ideas to try. However, creativity definitely manifests itself in all kinds of ways when you’re the official Hamer Chaos Coordinator.

Our chaos isn’t wiping bottoms and faces as much these days. But, it is taking the kids all over the place for events and school related things, while still trying to create that family time we’ve all grown to love and NEED.

I take politics a lot more seriously these days. I didn’t think I had a lot to offer to the conversation before, and now I know it comes from a place of privilege, to excuse yourself from politics because they don’t effect you. The lesson we’ve been trying to teach our kids is that we speak up for those who do not have a voice.

I have rediscovered spin classes thru my Peloton (it had been since before Alexis & Jaxen were born that I had taken spin classes regularly). I even started outdoor cycling with Kyle…yes…even in the Houston humidity. I am very competitive, it turns out!

So, I guess I’ve been working on myself both on the outside & inside. I’d given so much love and attention to our four babies, I didn’t have much left over for myself at the end of the day. Now, I can say that I have the energy & more importantly, the courage to write about the thoughts and changes I’ve been seeing in myself.

Really though…in 10 years…how could I not change? What has changed in you?

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