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Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!! Hope you are all as excited as I am about Christmas!!  I don’t have all of my Christmas shopping done…but, I am SOOOOO close!  I love this time of year! I am the mom, who wishes for snow days and tries to bake or make something every single day.

Even with baby at home…I am still doing all the making and baking.  But, I just haven’t had as much time to write about it.  I am sorry. 🙁  I have been posting my pictures periodically on Facebook or Instagram.  So be sure you are following me there!

(Today there’s a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW project on The Crafting Journals though. It goes live at 7am CST)

Some of the things I’ve made recently:


Burlap & Lace Silverware Holders


Mommy Sippy Wine Glasses



And, I helped my brother-in-law work on scrapbooks for the family and friends of his best friend who was killed in combat this year.  **He actually loved scrapbooking by the way…he couldn’t get over all of the tools and fun things!


The other things I am afraid I didn’t take pictures of….like Turkey treat holders, blankets for Christmas gifts for my kids, magnets with the kids, photo props for Thanksgiving.  I know, you can lecture me.  I promise I will get better! 🙂

But, today….you definitely have to check out my post on Crafting Journals because I made an ORNAMENT….and you know how much I love making those every year!  Go check it out!! 🙂


  • Hi Sarah,

    I totally love all your projects but I had a question about one. Did you use vinyl on the wine glasses? If so was it just regular vinyl? I was just thinking about the cleaning of the glass and how the vinyl would hold up. Thanks so much for your help and your ideas inspire me daily.

  • Been missing your posts and the PBD posts, so I was excited to see this! Wow, you’ve still been getting so much crafty stuff done even with baby at home! And I absolutely love how your brother-in-law got to scrapbook all those memories of his best friend and got to enjoy everything too! We do have quite an assortment of tools and tricks handy, don’t we? I forget how cool some of the things are until I talk about it with a non-crafter!

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