House Divided

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a fun weekend here- Mr. Pink and Jaxen went to Jaxen’s first Nebraska Huskers football game.  They had an amazing time.


While they were in Nebraska, my sister came up and the girls hung out all day along with baby Grayson.  We did some craft shopping, crafting, regular shopping & swimming.

Sunday was a day our family just hung out at home and kept it very low key.

But, throughout the weekend, I did get to start some projects that I want to work on in the next few weeks and I completed a project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

Here’s a stack of projects I’m working on- most of these are already and cut & pinned. They just need sewn. 🙂


But, the project I completed is our House Divided wreath!  I am so excited about this!  As some of you know, Mr. Pink is a Nebraska Husker fan (being from Lincoln) & I am an Ohio State fan (being from Ohio).  It didn’t matter too much a few years ago, we just kept things red & called it good.  But, when Nebraska joined the Big 10, it became a somewhat bigger issue.  They don’t always play each other of course, but…there are a few people out there speculating that it will be Ohio State & Nebraska in the Championship game.  If that happens, that will most definitely be a BIG DEAL in our house.

Ps. I own both Ohio State & Husker attire for myself because when it’s Mr. Pink’s game I root for his team too.  The only time I don’t root for the Huskers is when it’s against Ohio State.  I don’t think he really does the same for me though…he doesn’t own one Ohio State item and I am not quite sure he roots for Ohio State even when they play MICHIGAN.  Oh, well.

So, here’s the new wreath for our door- a House Divided.


I used small strips of fleece- the same kind everyone makes those tie blankets with- just in much smaller strips!

I tied them all over a wire wreath.  Using a wire wreath form with lots of sections to tie my fleece onto, made the wreath look nice and full.  It’s a lot of tying, but it didn’t take too awful long.  I just sat and did it while watching a movie, after the kids went to bed.


To make it perfectly clear what teams we were supporting, I made a couple quick SVGs for each team and cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo.  I used my Xyron to put all the pieces together because they were pretty thin pieces and I didn’t want them to tear.  My silhouette cut them all perfectly, by the way! No tearing or fussing with the tiny pieces!

I laminated the diecuts after I was done, so that they would be sturdier for the front door.  I added a black tulle bow, and then hung it on the door!


Mr. Pink & I both like it–so I think it will be our annual football season wreath.  I think I might even add a football shaped button to the center of the bow!  Wouldn’t that be cute?

How about your house…do you all root for the same team?  Or is your house divided as well?


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