So Many of my Smiles begin with you…

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week! I started KOSAMA this week, which is an 8 week bootcamp of sorts.  And, it. is. tough.  Monday was lower body & abs and Tuesday was Kickboxing.  Whoa.  I didn’t think I’d finish on Monday…and although Tuesday was way more fun, I am SO SORE.  It hurts when I walk, sit, bend….pretty much anything.

But, with working out- it always helps to just keep going.  It loosens up all those tight muscles, so I will keep going and one day it may get easier! I hope.

While I am sweating at the gym, I have a Banner Card and video for you!!!

How fun was that?  You could totally whip one of these out today!


So, grab some scraps and get to craftin’!


Thanks for stopping by today and have a great week everyone!!


  • Love the card! I have never used sequins but I like how they look. I will have to find a place to buy them and give them a try.

  • Haha, I totally think crafting with the tools counts as a partial workout. The Crop-a-dile is one and the up and down motion for my Cutterpede has to be one too! For me, considering how many times I get up to get something just to make one set of cards is ridiculous. Haha, as if my apt is so big that I have to travel everywhere …

    Anyway, thanks for the video! I had company as I folded laundry. I love how the banners can be done in so many different colors and patterns.

  • I LOVE exercising – almost more than crafting! It does get easier and then you become addicted to it – so awesome. It is fun to hear you talk about working out cuz I check your blog after my morning workouts and when I’m getting ready every day! Bachelorette was a surprise – Do you think Desiree and Chris will last since he is 2nd choice? I’m thinking nooooo! I do use sequins. I like the big ones and then I can put a brad through the hole to attach it!
    Thanks for the fun video!
    Keep up the working out! If you need a fitness buddy let me know!!

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