Happy Friday!

Yay! It’s Friday!! It’s been a long week with our new schedule of getting the kids to school, and working out at 9:00 am and taking Grayson swimming after that.

This is the first week he’s been in a pool and he LOVES it!  He coos and splashes and I sing to him.  The water is heated a little bit, so there isn’t a huge chill for him when we get in, which is nice for both of us!  We usually stay in for a half an hour, and I just let him splash as I float him along close to me.



(His face in this pic doesn’t look like he is enjoying it as much as he is!)

So, everyone has had a pretty good week and I even made into my (messy) craft room a couple times!

I am trying to sew a hood for my baby carrier…which is a bit challenging since I don’t really have ‘that’ much sewing experience.  And, this thing has elastic cording and snaps…and so forth.  I think I’ve almost got it though!

As I was starting to clean my craft room, I came across some onesies I wanted to use up before my littlest peanut gets too big for them!  So, I thought I’d make some quick & fun onesies.  I also had a pink one left…which I used to make for Grayson’s little friend, Izzy….Have you seen a picture of them together?? ADORABLE.


Here is the onesie I made for Izzy…and forgive the pictures.  I just quick took them on my ironing board after ironing on the heat transfer vinyl!


What girl doesn’t need pink & glitter?

And then for my little guy–I wanted to make some onesies that expressed our parenting style. Since, we had a little mishap the other day in kids club (at the gym) when someone accidentally gave Grayson formula for the first time.  Not that there is anything wrong with formula…but, his belly was not used to it.

In the last few months, I’ve also become somewhat of a support system for some close friends who are breastfeeding for the first time.  It’s just so important to have a support system for any new mom…breastfeeding or bottle feeding.



And……this one….


And this one doesn’t have anything to do with breastfeeding…but, my new obsession…babywearing.


The htv is actually dark brown in this one, but with the lighting by my ironing board, I did the best I could.  By the way..I have not worn Grayson on my back yet.  I am a little nervous to actually!



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