Drool Solution

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a great week– today I have a sewing project that I made yesterday.  In my very limited time of sewing, I’ve learned a few things about myself & sewing:

  • I like sewing standing up or sitting down- but, mostly standing up.
  • I like projects I can finish in a day
  • I do not like pinning things in place – and most of the times it still works out fine without pins
  • Sewing velcro down is really not that hard, but seeing the white of the velcro on the white terry fabric
  • I do not like winding bobbins
  • If I can’t figure out how to make something, I call my mom.

Okay, now onto my project….With Grayson, I’ve fallen in love with babywearing.  I told you about my baby wrap, the Boba, which wraps the baby tightly to your body. It’s stretchy and comfy.  But, as baby gets heavier, I thought I’d want to try a more structured carrier.

So, I did a TON of research…and I mean a TON!  I dove into the babywearing world, and learned a ton.   Anyway, I found these awesome soft structured carriers, made in Poland and started by a work at home momma!  The company, Tula, was started by a momma named Ula- and people are falling in love with the carriers all over the world.  The carriers seemed to be a perfect fit for us, and they came in CA-UTE patterns!

I chose the gray chevrons…(errr…technically it’s called zig zag on the site) and I LOVE IT!  I’ve only had it for 2 days now- but Grayson loves it too!  I know, because each time he’s in it, he falls into a blissful sleep. 🙂 That makes running errands or even doing things around the house so much easier!

Here we are in the baby carrier, the day it came in the mail.  See, the straps…they’re nice and padded.  But, I know a little boy who will soon be drooling all over those straps as his teeth come in!  So, I wanted some ‘drool pads’ in a super fun fabric that I could take off and wash.  (I bet you thought I was never going to get to the project!)


So, here was my solution…I found this PERFECT boy fabric from Riley Blake My Mind’s Eye Boy Crazy line.  (For all you paper crafters–yep, MME also has ADORABLE fabric patterns!)


I even added a ribbon loop to attach toys to or teethers to!


I LOVE my new drool pads!  And, I am hoping to make a matching hood soon too! The hood won’t be as simple as these easy-peasy drool pads though!

Grayson is in bed right now, or else I’d take a picture of him and his new drool pads. :/

(These drool pads will work on most soft structured carriers- including the Ergo)

I cut the following:

  • Patterned Fabric- 2 – 7 x 9 inches
  • Flannel- 2 – 7 x 9 (or slightly bigger-it’s always better to have a little excess than to not have enough)
  • Minky or Terry – 2 – 7 x 9 (or slightly bigger)

Stack your fabrics in the following order.

Flannel, Terry (Right Side UP), Patterned Fabric (Right side DOWN)

After the fabrics are stacked, pin in place.  If you want a ribbon for toys, pin this in place as well between the terry and the patterned fabric, making sure the loop is on the inside- the tails pointing out.

Sew along the patterned fabric, leaving an opening to turn inside out.

Turn inside out.

Top stitch around the pads, being careful to close the opening.

Sew Velcro on the ends.
That’s it…put them on your carrier!  Almost as easy as the burp cloths I made and definitely easier than the football blanket I made!




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