Using the Silhouette without a Mat

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a great week!! I have been doing so good at keeping up with making videos again, and I am quite proud of myself.  I’ve had things that have happened, that made me want to give up- but, I have just tried working through them this last week…and I am so glad I did!

Quite a few of you have been asking me how it was possible to use your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait without a mat… So, I am here to tell you that you absolutely can use it without a mat.  But, you  need to be using VINYL- whether it’s regular vinyl or heat transfer vinyl like I will be using in the vinyl, it will work.  That’s because you are only ‘kiss’ cutting the material, so it doesn’t cut all the way through the backing, making it possible not to use a mat.

The biggest mistake people make in cutting vinyl without a mat, is clicking LOAD MAT instead of LOAD MEDIA on the machine- so please, double check this before starting your mat-less project!

In this video- I made one of my favorite gifts to give- can you guess what it might be?

Oh, also I get asked about my nail color a lot, when I do videos with manicured hands….which isn’t very often these days!! But, I did get a chance to give myself a gel manicure yesterday after a shower!  Lucky girl, huh?  I chose a very light pink sparkle color because it won’t show as easily when it starts to chip!  Gotta think ahead, because this girl doesn’t always get time to paint my nails like in the ‘old days!’  The color is Gelish June Bride and I love it!

Have a great Wednesday everyone–we will be headed to eye appointments for me and the kids this afternoon!  🙂


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