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Hi everyone and Happy Monday!  I had a great last few days- I even got to spend a couple days with my sweet friend, Sarah and her darling baby Izzy.  Izzy & Grayson are 3 days apart, but don’t get to see each other too often!  Plus, the mommas got to slip away for a pedicure without the babies and Mr. Pink cooked us a nice Ribeye dinner!

We also bought a little baby pool and filled it up with warm water so they could ‘hot tub’ together. 🙂


Anyway, I’ve been getting lots of questions about this app I LOVE–called Groovebook.  It’s a photo developing app- that sends you 100 free prints a month, from your phone.  All you have to pay is $2.99 in shipping & handling.  But, the best part is your first book is free shipping even, with the coupon code: HAMER7

I thought the best way to tell you about Groovebook pictures was to show you….so here it goes:

I mentioned in the video that the photos are printed on a bit thinner paper than normal, but I don’t mind that at all.  The quality of the photos is pretty good of course depending on your iphone or android photography skills!  Yours are probably better than mine!

I love that they come in a book for me to flip thru- makes a perfect surprise for grandparents! (Remember you can have them shipped to family and friends too!)


One thing I forgot to mention in the video, but I really love is that all the photos have the date/time stamp on the edge.  You can see it here.


So, you can really get those scrapbook pages and project life pages in the right order!!

In my opinion, it’s totally worth the $2.99 a month–and even better it’s worth using the coupon code HAMER7 to get a totally FREE book of 100 photos to try it out!



Hope you sign up for your free book–and have fun uploading pics and getting them in the mail!



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