Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!
Sarah, here- and I thought I’d make a quick post from my phone. I decided to try some baby wearing options with Grayson- who is doing well by the way! He is up past his birth weight 🙂
Anyway, back to the baby wearing- I thought that since he had to come out early, he should still get that close contact. Plus, wearing him allowed me to get into my craft room a little. Here we are in my craft room, which I haven’t been in for weeks.

This is what we worked on- some vinyl art for the boys’ room. Somewhere between the craft room & the bedroom, I lost the ‘?’ – so I will have to make another one some day soon!

And, I thought I would share a couple more pics too! Here is big brother Jaxen loving on Grayson. He told is the other day that the best part of having a baby – was that he could kiss him whenever he wanted. Talk about melting my heart.

And here is Grayson with one of his favorite wubbanubs. It’s a pacifier with a stuffed animal attached- they are cute, stay balanced on his belly, are easy to find in a diaper bag or at seat or crib. We love them!


That’s it for today– hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend!


  • Great saying for the wall! Thanks for sharing pictures. Grayson is adorable! A family friend named her son Grayson. It was the first time I ever heard the name. It is such a unique name.

  • Great pictures. You and your family are so blessed to have this new little boy in your lives. He is adorable! Keep the pictures coming. Love them.

  • Ohhhhh that is soo sweet and melts your heart! You and Kyle have raised some amazing kiddos sweetie! Are you all ready for some company!! LOL – I’m DYING to hold him!


  • These pics are soooo Adorable!! Big brothers and sisters are Awesome!!
    Glad to hear you’re both doing well!!

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