Flashback & Free File Friday!

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!  Hope you have all had a fabulous week!  Yesterday, I had an appointment with the physical therapist for some pain I’ve been having in my lower back/hip area.  My doctor thought it was my sciatic nerve, due to the baby…but, it turns out that my left hip is rotated forward.  So, I will be continuing treatments and exercises with the PT, to try to fix it.  Though, with everything loosening up, it probably won’t be back to normal until after baby gets here…which by the way is just over 8 WEEKS!!!
Can you believe it?

Okay, for today’s flashback we have an OLDIE– this is a fun little video showing you how to get that letterpress look by using your embossing folders, ink and your embossing machine.

Pretty awesome, huh??
I hope you try this on your own sometime, because it is pretty fun!

Alright, for the free file today–I have a silhouette file that I thought some of you might enjoy!  There’s a grumpy cat all over the internet that has been getting quite a few laughs–so I made a Hello Kitty Grumpy Cat.   (If you haven’t seen the grumpy cat–google it, and I am sure a ton of pics will show up!)

Click on the picture below to start your silhouette download.  You will need the Silhouette Studio software to open.

Grumpy Cat

Don’t forget to LINK UP with us this week and if you are looking for some more awesome free files–Lettering Delights has offered a free set to those of you who join the Facebook Event page here!   They are baby themed for the baby on the way–and are SUPER CUTE!!



  • Thanks for the Flashback! It still is a great technique. I have seen grumpy cat and this is a great file about him. Hope the hip starts to feel better.

  • I remember this video – I LOVE this technique!! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend and good luck with that hip – ouch!

  • I remember this video – I LOVE this technique!! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend and good luck with that hip – ouch!

  • I had a rotated hip in the last year that I went to physical therapy for, too. It was amazing what happened with just a few simple little exercises! Now, if I ever get that pain, I know what it is and the easy way to fix it. Hang in there! Be faithful with those PT exercises! The pain will go away!

  • Hope that pain goes away. I had sciatica during my 2nd pregnancy…couldn’t wait to have the baby!! LOVE your grumpy cat. The one making a splash on the internet is too funny!

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