Bed Rest

Hi everyone and happy Monday!!
Today is going to be a short post- but I wanted to give you a baby update.

Here I am at 34 weeks


I am really sticking out there! I had a good week last week, got some crafting in and some shopping in. Here’s a onesie I made- I know… I can’t stop!


Sooo… Good week but then, on Wednesday I started having a lot of contractions, not let’s have a baby contractions, but contractions that lasted all night and into Thursday afternoon.

So, I called my dr. to see what he had to say and he thought I should go to the hospital to gets monitored. So I took the kids and met Mr. Pink there, thinking it would be a quick check. Nope.

They ran tests, listened to baby- and kept track of my contractions. When the contractions continued, they gave me a shot to stop them. However, it didn’t do any good because the contractions seemed to get closer and more intense.

Then the nurse came to say that the contractions weren’t as worrisome as a couple other tests they ran. I was showing signs of preeclampsia and also had low platelets. I had no swelling and I’ve always had stellar blood pressure, so this threw me for a loop. Them too, I guess. So, they started me on a 24 hour urine analysis- which means I wasn’t leaving til at least 9 on Friday. 🙁

The whole family stayed at the hospital and family came into town on Friday which turned out to be a huge help!

Turns out I did not give them the results they were hoping for and they wanted another 24 hour test to be run- but, I was dying to get out of there. They let me go home and do the second 24 hour collection at home. I take it in today and then wait to hear from the doctor.

Meanwhile the dr. has put me on modified bed rest, which is not as easy or fun as it sounds. I am a mover and a shaker- and it’s hard to sit or lay still. However, the nurse warned me that if I didn’t- I would have to rest at the hospital so I am trying to be a perfect patient.

It’s been quite the last few days- and I am still trying to figure out how to get some crafting projects done while on bed rest, but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen. :/

Hope you all are doing well and I will be sure to keep you updated!


  • You are crafting Sarah! You are crafting to make a baby! All other projects can wait til this one is done. I know easy for me to say! Find a good book or watch movies. I just read The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult -it was great. Not easy subject but definititly a good read.

  • You rest! We can wait! We will be praying for you, baby & the rest ol the family!

    Love the onesie & the awesome saying! Clever as always!

  • Get lots of rest! I couldn’t imagine bed rest either. I am 17 weeks pregnant and hope that doesn’t happen. My 2 year old always wants to play with mommy so bed rest would be hard. Love the onesie! It is so cute!

  • Sarah, you and the baby are most important to all of us! Thank you for keeping us posted! Please just do as they tell you – rest and relax and let that baby “cook” a bit longer!

  • Mrs. Pink, you had better be doing EXACTLY as the doctor ordered, for your health and that of the baby. That preenclampsia/toxemia is nothing to trifle with, and can be mighty serious for you and your baby! Take it from one who knows … I was on bedrest … Full/complete, laying on my left side from Month 4 until I was induced at Week 39.

    You’d think it’s easy to rest, right? Well, I had no other children, and was scared because I had already lost one baby (earlier pregnancy) and I too was a go-getter. So a few times, they stuck me in a hospital but most of the time I spent on the ol’ green couch feeling like a beached whale. I blew up with edema … Gained 83 pounds, all water. The doctor prescribed phenobarbital; I thought it was to control my blood pressure but after delivery, I learned it was to “enforce bedrest” … In other words, to put me in a drug-induced stupor for 5 months so I laid down.

    My BP was always stellar too but shot up on those final weeks. I started having nose bleeds and contractions. The pitting edema was terrible — I was in full-blown toxemia — at very high risk. The baby, my daughter was born PERFECT after 8-hours of Pitocin-induced hard labor. She is WELL-WORTH the struggles!

    I didn’t know that all was NOT right with me, though … And 6 days later I had a major stroke as a result of the toxemia. I was lucky … It happened in the ER, where I took myself along with my baby when I wasn’t feeling well. I was able to keep her in my hospital room and later, rehab, with the support of family and staff. She got me through some very dark and trying days. Recovery has not been easy and I have had four more strokes since then (1985) but I am alive and running around now with my precious granddaughter.

    So while I almost didn’t tell you this little horror story because I don’t want to scare you, I do want you to know to take doctors’ orders VERY SERIOUSLY. You will be fine, I am sure … But remember: all kidding aside, if you are not chill’axin, you are doing your family a huge disservice. They need you far more than we do. Feet up! Drink lots of water! R-E-L-A-X!!

    Ellen CardMonkey

  • Good luck with the bed rest – it can’t be easy! You and baby Pink will be in my prayers!
    bunches of love

  • Keep resting, crafting and your followers will be here waiting for you when you are ready. You and the baby come first. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  • thanks for sharing so openly the ups and downs of this pregnancy for you and your family! Glad you have good support… Mr. Pink will help if you tell him what you need… rest for the baby and just write to us in your bed instead of crafting find inspiration from online to share with us! Love your blog and love the onsie you made 🙂 Kathi

  • As hard as it is try to follow Drs. orders 😀 Healing thoughts coming your way…so you can get up and go again! Best Wishes and {{Hugs}}

  • time to get out the yarn and crochet hooks or knitting needles. Crochet is easy to teach yourself and would be just the challenge for your creative self. take care Momma Pink. All will be fine. With God all things are possible.
    love ya

  • GET BED REST!!! GEEESH …I understand about the crafting..but you will have time later…oiye!! Listen to the doctors!!! Thanks for the update and you look great!

  • try your best to take it easy..I know it is not an easy thing to do. At least you can surf the web looking for future ideas when you are up and moving the way you want to. Love this newest oneies. Take care and hope the tests come out the way you want.

  • Love the onesie!! You take it easy and take care of you and that wonderful baby of yours!! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Oh Sarah you take all he time you and the baby need. The crafting will be there when you are better. Keep us posted and my prayers are with you and the little one.


  • The onesie is SUPER cute! I also did “bed rest”. Went in for a routine check up at 30 weeks and got sent directly to the hospital. Nope….didn’t even get to go home and pack a suitcase. The hospital it was for me. I did bed rest in the hospital for eight weeks. I begged and begged to go home but no such luck. Not sure what it is about laying on your left side in a bed but it worked. LOL I have a healthy soon to be twelve year old to prove it. I would do it all over again for her but bed rest is hard for us gals who want to be doing it all. LOL Hang in there. Can’t wait to see the pics when that baby gets here:-)

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