Sanitize before Snuggles

Hi everyone and Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! We got some more snow here in Iowa…and I can’t say how ready I am for Spring weather!! So, cross your fingers with me that next week we start seeing some spring-like temps!

On Thursday, a friend of mine that is pregnant also– (she is 3 weeks ahead of me) came up to craft in my studio. She had some projects she wanted to make and wasn’t sure where to start. And, there were some projects on my checklist that I had been wanting to check off.

One of these projects was hand sanitizing bottles made for after a baby gets here. Everyone always wants to hold a brand new baby, so how perfect is it to have hand sanitizer ready and waiting for those many hands that reach out to hold the baby?



To get the stickers off I tried several things I had seen on pinterest…like baking soda, rubbing alcohol, wd40, etc. But, I have to say that nothing worked as well as good ol’ goo gone.

I used vinyl and my cameo to decorate the bottles. And, of course I had to use ribbon or tulle for the top. 🙂


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