Oh, baby!

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a great week— today I have a few more onesies to share with you!  I told you my pregnant friend and I did some crafting–so it lead to lots of baby projects, and I just want to make sure I share them all with you!

There’s one that is especially awesome and beautiful…but, I am saving it for last!  It is not something you wear…it is something that gets put up.  (any guesses?)

For the first onesie, my friend had another friend that was pregnant who works with her that she wanted to make something cute for.  I had onesies laying around…and she thought it would be cute to put this saying on it.  Then of course we added the comb and blow dryer too!   The  mom-t0-be go this and a cute antibacterial bottle--and she loved both!


While my friend was working on our BIG project…that I will show you later, I decided to knock out a couple onesies for our precious little ones on the way.   I made the brown and blue one for my little guy…and when she saw it, she wanted one for her little girl on the way.


So, we did yellow with dark pink heat transfer vinyl.  I love how both of them turned out!


Aren’t they sooo cute?


Also, a few of you have asked where I buy my heat transfer vinyl, and this last time I found the best deal and quickest shipping from www.justforcrafters.com and I bought the Siser EasyWeed 12″ x 15″ Sheets.  They set well with a household iron.  I do try to wash inside out on a gentle cycle.

Thanks for putting up with the baby projects!! 🙂

Speaking of baby stuff: I am 30.5 weeks and feeling BIG.  Getting in and out of bed is not as easy as it used to be!  And, I have to get up 1-2 times a night, because someone is on my bladder.  Our baby bedding came in along with a couple other baby odds ‘n’ ends I have ordered.  I now go to the dr. every 2 weeks, and have an appointment tomorrow.  I am anxious to know how big baby is so far, because typically my babies run a little on the bigger side 😉



  • Yahoo!! How adorable!! I love these onesies!!! Well done! Where is the ‘put up’ one? I didnt see it!! So happy you are doing well. Your pregnancy has gone by soooo quick!! I know we all cant wait to see your baby ‘boy’ and hear what names you have picked out! Are your other children going to help name their ‘brother’?!! LOL….I love the name Jeffery for some reason. If I had children, I would have wanted 3 boys..not that you can pick ’em !! And I always would change the spelling of their names too! Like Jeffree !!! Anyways…have a great day!!!

  • Is the big project a wall hanging like a shadow box or something for the baby’s room? Love all the baby things. My best friend is pregnant so I may make a few things for her. I am throwing the shower in May. She is due in June. She doesn’t want to know what the baby is.

  • I LOVE these baby projects! Howard and I don’t plan on having kiddies until at least 1-2 years from now (unless God has other plans, haha), but we talk about it often! I like that I can my baby fill just by visiting your blog 🙂

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