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Hi everyone and Happy Saturday!  I usually don’t post on Saturdays, but today I am making an exception for a fellow crafty friend and blogger.  Debbie from is a sweet lady who always has a kind comment to share or a cute project on her blog.
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However, right now she needs us.  She has just recently lost her husband to cancer after a hard fought battle.  Their 4 young children have also lost their father.



At this difficult time in her life, she is still trying to send homemade ‘Thank You’ cards to those people who have been helpful to her and her family.  But, she is having a hard time keeping up with making the cards….so, if you could take time out of your day to make her a couple thank you cards to use I am sure she would really appreciate it.  They can even be from your stash of cards you’ve already made.


If you feel led to send her or the kids a personal card, I am sure she wold love that too.


Here is her address, and I hope you join me in helping her out in this very difficult time.


Debbie Butcher 1623 Gruenther Avenue Rockville, Maryland, 20851


To Debbie: We are thinking of you, and our hearts and prayers go out to you- Sending big hugs to you and all of your precious kids!


  • I will definetly send her my Thank You cards,cards for the kids and for her.Sending my prayers and love to her and her family.
    Have a wonderful day,

  • I will definitely help. I lost my mom to cancer in October of last year and I handmade all my thank you cards. It was really overwhelming. So I will spend tomorrow to make her some.

  • i just happen to have some thank you cards in my craft room already made. i will post them monday as we don’t get mail on sundays.
    my thoughts and prayers are going out the debbie and her four young children.

  • Thanks so much for sharing! This is definitely a good burden the share! I’ll see what I can brew up! In the meantime, my prayers will be going up for Debbie and her children!

  • I’d be happy to send some cards! I have some already made in my stash. So sorry to hear of Debbie’s loss. Will keep her and her children in my prayers.

  • OH MY!!! We are so completely sorry for their loss. Wow!! I will try to get some cards made for her and her family. Prayers and love to Deb and her children. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Thanks for posting this so I could step outside of my world and think of someone else!! I am so sorry for her loss! Her family will be in our family prayers!

  • Thank you Sarah and to everyone for the comments, for the prayers and support. It has been a long couple of weeks but I am so blessed to have so much support.

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