Monday, Monday

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!! We are on Spring Break this week and the kids will be participating in a day camp where they will be swimming, playing tennis, doing crafts and other fun stuff!  They are excited- and I have started ‘nesting’ so I hope to get some of the stuff that is suddenly driving me crazy gets done!!

I did warn Mr. Pink that I might be making some ridiculous requests from him–such a good wife to give him a warning, right?

I do have a baby bump picture for you from last week (29 weeks) – fair warning…I have definitely popped and feel HUGE!


Still craving sweets- like chocolate peanut butter ice cream– also, milk, cereal and cheeseburgers 🙂  I am having Braxton Hicks pretty regularly, so I am hoping that means my body is getting ready and he comes in the end of May! I started filling out his baby book already and his bedding should be here this week.

So, this past Friday we had a Stamp Release and  a Ustream where we did a project together.  It was a fun night, so if you made it out- thank you!

Here is a picture of the project we made.


I used the DCWV Delightful Stack and if you want to watch the Ustream and follow along the video is here.

Also, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and Mr. Pink’s parents came into town for the weekend.  Grandma made up clues to lead the kids all over to find a ‘pot of gold’ – the kids loved it!  We also had green milk for breakfast and Mr. Pink & I made a Shepard’s Pie from scratch for an Irish lunch.

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?


  • You are so adorable! I love your pictures and baby updates! I did go back and watch the recorded U-stream. I love your projects! The Easter baskets turned out great! Quick & Easy too!

  • Sarah you look beautiful. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry I missed the Ustream but anxiouosly looking to SOM>.You sound pretty organized , keep it up.
    Dawn RI

  • What a cute baby bump you have. A teacher at school always shows me hers! I also made shepherd’s pie and for the first time I made my hubby a cup of Irish coffee…not quite how I like my coffee tho!

  • Glad to see everything is doing well with you…look great! I hope the kids have fun over break. The pot of gold game sounds fun…great Grandparents 😀 Nice project on the basket…so bright and colorful you can’t help but think spring.

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