Crystal Mobile

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!  Today I have an especially gorgeous project to share with you!

My friend, Sarah who is also having a baby around the same time as me, is having a little girl.  She saw a crystal mobile in a picture of a nursery and wanted to create it.  There were no tutorials or anything online that I could find, but from the picture I could kind of tell how it was put together.

So she came up and we went to Hobby Lobby to get our supplies.

  • wire wreath form
  • fishing line
  • crystal beads
  • ribbon
  • crimp beads and crimp tool
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


Lace beads onto fishing line making strings of crystal beads, using the crimp beads to keep them apart from one another.

DSC_0126 DSC_0127


After making the rows of crystal beads, loop them onto the wire wreath and use a crimp bead to keep it on the wreath.  Trim any excess fishing line.



It’s helpful to look at how the wreath is filling out as you go to see how many more rows of beads you need.  We hung bead strands from all 3 rings on the wreath.

Be sure to use larger beads towards the bottom of the rows, so it weighs the strands down at the bottom.



Here are the beads we used on the mobile- they were all 50% off at Hobby Lobby when we went.  Sarah did a great job lacing the beads onto the fishing line.


It’s so sparkly in real life- the pictures do them no justice–this is one lucky baby girl! Heck, you could put this in your own bedroom or craft room!DSC_0138


Use 4 pieces of fishing line to hang to use for hanging the wreath later. DSC_0139
Arrange the outside crystals where you want them and tape them in place because you won’t be able to move them after the next part.  You only need to tape the very outside ring- as the middle ones will still be able to be moved.  (we used pink duct tape)
Hot Glue the wide ribbon of your choice onto the outside of the wire wreath.  This took 2 people, I hot glued and we both placed the middle of the ribbon to the edge of the outside of the wreath.

Using a heat embossing gun, melt any extra strands of hot glue. Isn’t it GORGEOUS??  I can’t wait to see it in the nursery!


Hmm…maybe I will have to make one for my craft room 🙂



What do you think of our mobile?   I love it!!


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