Valentine’s Day Preparation

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a great week!  The kids and I have been busy creating this week- because I like to have them as involved as possibly in making their Valentines for classmates and their boxes for collecting Valentines.  I feel like they have a sense of pride over what they create, just as we would.

Plus, it is a fact…the teacher will ask, “Did you make this?”  And, I want my kids to be able to proudly say, “Yep! I did!”  And, not “no…my mom made it.”  🙂

So, on Monday night we had dinner, then headed down to the craft room.  We like to crank up the music when we craft.  So, the tv in the background is on a radio channel. 🙂  We are known to dance a little when we craft, it gets the creative juices flowing. (The whole reason Mr. Pink put the tv in there was so I could watch The Bachelor and craft- lol  But, really– I like to watch the Bachelor snuggled up on the couch with some cookies!)


This was the first time Jaxen used my  guillotine cutter- and momma was a bit nervous and watched him the whole time. He’s learning measuring in school right now, so he was fascinated with measuring paper.  Alexis is working on her MAZE valentines that I posted here.  

Jaxen wanted to give out Fun Dip- which aren’t too easy to create fun little holders for…we tried a couple of things and ultimately decided on this style.  Quick and simple- folded card stock.  He chose blue, and I convinced him to use pink for the hearts, since it is Valentine’s Day.

He punched all the hearts out himself, and stuck them on…being sure to give certain girls the bigger hearts. 😉  He asked me if it was okay that he loved a certain little girl.  I told him, “sure…as long as you don’t stop loving me.”  He said, “I could never stop loving you.”  He knows how to melt a girls heart, that’s for sure!

I punched the holes and tied the crinkle ribbon through each one- and he stamped his signature on the front of all of them.  I ordered each of the kids their own name stamps and they LOVE them!


Then on Tuesday night, we needed to work on Jaxen’s Valentine’s Box. Alexis’ class is doing them at school this year.  I gave Jaxen all sorts of ideas for boxes- including a Rocket Ship, a Crocodile, an iPod.  But, he just wanted a Monster.  Easy enough- and he could be involved.


We measured all sides of the box together, and cut the sticky-back paper to fit all the sides.  Then we used punches (his favorite) to make the eyeballs.  We hand cut triangles for teeth- and he stuck them on.  That was about it–super simple!  But, he loved it- and he got to help in every part of it.  (THANK GOODNESS FOR STICKY PAPER)

We had a lot of fun, and made quite the mess in the craft room!  We have treat bags & teacher gifts left to do tonight!  So, it’ll be a full week of crafting!


Don’t forget to link up what you’ve been working on here!




  • Looks like loads of fun. Great job on the box and Valentines, Jaxen!

    Sarah…..What kind of guillotine cutter do you have? Can you cut more than one sheet at a time? Do you like it?

    • Yes, I can cut more than one sheet at a time which makes it super nice for big projects. The one I use is an xacto from Staples. It works well, but I am not quite sure how I will sharpen it when it comes time.

  • These types of updates are my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE! I love when the kiddies are featured and especially when they’re crafting! I cannot wait to be able to do activities like this with my future kiddies. So adorable how Jaxen chose how to put the different sized hearts on the valentines!

    BTW, his shirt is awesome!

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