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Hi everyone and Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a great weekend! We had a 4 day weekend with the kiddos- and have been enjoying some nice down time.  Plus, we started painting the boys’ room this weekend- 🙂 Well, I say we….what I really mean is I taped off and Mr. Pink painted.  We have to put another coat on- but it feels good to start getting things done.  Plus, we’ve picked out the crib bedding—now, if we could only pick out a name we all like! LOL

Friday was the kids’ Valentine’s parties at school which Mr. Pink & myself both volunteered at.  They went over really well, and at the last minute I decided to make up treat bags for both classes on top of their regular Valentines.  When I say last minute, I mean at 11 am and I had to be at the party at 2 pm. 🙂  So, they were not  anything extravagant or crazy- but, the kids loved them!  I didn’t even take ‘real’ pictures of them–just used my phone.

Here are the ones I did for my daughter’s class.  They are filled with notebooks, stamps, little plastic disc shooters, fun dip, suckers, bouncy balls & bubbles.


She has 24 kids in her class- and now looking back I wish I didn’t put stamps in the bags- because although the kids LOVED them, they decided it would be ‘cool’ to stamp their faces with them!  (They can always find something to do to make their mothers cringe!) image copy 2

I did my son’s class second- and felt a little more rushed so I tied his bags with crinkle ribbon and added a quick punched tag. (After all, I still needed to paint my nails pink for Valentine’s Day!)

photo copy 2

My Thirty-One bags came in handy for transporting all this good stuff!

Also, with baby on the way I thought I’d try my hand at making some pacifier clips- since they look so easy to make.  I made one boy and one girl one…(one’s for a friend.) They were super simple, and I plan on doing a tutorial very soon!  They kind of look silly without pacifiers on them– but, we didn’t have any pacis in our house- it’s been too long I guess!

image copy

That’s it for today- I will be sure to post a winner from the Blog Hop on Valentine’s Day as soon as possible!  So be sure to come back to see if you won!


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