My First Quilting Project

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all having a great week! I mentioned yesterday that I had started working on my very first quilt project- and a few of you really wanted a peek at it. So, I figured today I’d give you a peek. It’s not quite finished- but, it’s getting awful close!

I chose a very simple strip quilt- because I knew I was taking on a BIG learning project! Plus, I did like the look of the strip quilt for a baby, when I saw one on Pinterest. There was no tutorial, but my mom helped walk me through it!

We picked out the fabric on Monday–then I started sewing the strips together on Monday night. On Tuesday, I finished sewing the strips together- and then started to sew on each side of the seams a straight stitch onto the back of the quilt- which I chose to be the soft baby minky fabric.

In the picture below you can see where I stopped- from the pins up everything is sewn to the minky material- and the pins and below still need sewn. After that, the binding will be done…and that’s it! I am sure this quilt would take a seasoned quilter a few hours to make–but, I barely know my way around the sewing machine.


Here’s the back of the blanket, if you look closely you can see the stitched lines that run through it.


And, here is an iphone pic my mom snapped of me on day 2 of sewing… after my 3 hour glucose test & an afternoon of shopping. 480181_10151489954265609_25226607_n

I think I am ready to take on my next quilting project–but, maybe a few burp cloths first!


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