Cute Burp Cloths

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!  We had a great weekend here, and I even did a little sewing. I decided since I started off with the baby quilt, maybe I should back it up a little and work on something a little simpler.  (I am still working on the binding of my quilt, but I wanted to practice on some corners before finishing it off.)

The simplest thing I could think of was a burp cloth, and how nice is it to have custom burp cloths?  They are so much better than store bought ones.  So, I picked up some striped chenille at Joann’s which is 1/2 off right now- and also some flannel fat quarters.  They were on sale also!   I hadn’t planned on using flannel, but there weren’t a ton of cute boy patterns, and these were my favorite… it’s a pretty thin flannel so it was pretty easy to work with.  The chenille was a little more complicated because it’s thick & stretchy.  But, it’s so soft and pretty!  One day maybe I’ll pick some easy fabrics for a project 😉



I am no sewing expert- so I didn’t think you’d want a ‘tutorial’ from me…but, basically I cut my fabric pieces to 11×18.  Luckily, I have this Imaginisce CutBright lighted Rotary Cutter and Acrylic ruler.  These things are MAGICAL!! I love them- and even my mom was jealous of how well they worked!


Okay, I pinned them together right sides together.  I sewed about 1/4 in, give or take on 3 sides, leaving one side open.  Then I turned it inside out.  I turned in the open ends, and hemmed it shut- and stitched around all edges.   (I am sure I am not using all the right terms!)

Since, the chenille is slippery, I also decided to stitch it in thirds to keep the material together better.  That’s it!  I should have ironed all my pieces first, but I was lazy- and thought that 2 rectangles could be easy enough to sew together without ironing.  🙂  However, it looks a lot crisper when ironing first.  This does not mean I promise always to press first–but, I will try!



I did 2 burp cloths- and then Mr. Pink wanted to help.  So, he did a burp cloth too!  He pressed his before starting!  I knew you might not believe me, so I snapped this iphone pic.

photo copy 3

Set of 3 burp cloths ready for our little one!  I am so excited about these, and I know I will make a few more!



I hope to get into my paper crafting world today…so that I can share some sneak peeks with you of the upcoming Pink by Design Release! 🙂  Have a great week everyone!!




  • Great idea. Really cute. I will have to remember these for baby gifts. I like the ones that are made by decorating cloth diapers too.

  • sarah,
    had to write, this is my first time. i’ve been a follower of yours for years and love to watch your videos. that said, i do work with just about every kind of medium from paper to material to wood to metal and anything inbetween…
    i love to recycle stuff and repurpose stuff… i have the inside of a door of my old fridge hanging in my craft room that i altered. i took the shelves out and drilled holes on each side to be able to put wooden dowels in and use it to store and organize my spools of ribbon. i’ve posted it a coupld of time with different groups and it always get a thumbs up on creativity…
    anyway, the reason i’m writing… love the burp clothes… i have cabinets, yss more than one, of different materials that i bought at a joann’s that was closing because they opened up a new super store near by. after looking at your pictures i saw one i just used. the monkey one (fleece) to make a blanket for the little baby next door… i did a simple seam all around, then blanket stitched with verigated yarn that matched the colors in the blanket and of course sewed a made by and sighned and dated it and gave it to him for Christmas.
    For his first birthday i found in my stash, an abc book to sew… so i had to make it for him…
    for easter i have a panel that if i sew it correctly it will be a stuffed duck… it’s adorable…
    again i love all your stuff… your blog has been in my favorites for as long as i’ve been a follower. i get e-mails from you when ever you send them out.
    a loyal follower that uses you for inspiration… thank you for being you…

    • Thanks for such a sweet comment Donna! 🙂 I bet your blanket turned out so cute–I just love that fabric! He’s lucky to have a neighbor as sweet as you to make him gifts!

  • Cute burp cloths – and no I don’t believe you will ever choose easy fabric to work with – what’s the fun in that?? I’m super excited for a new release! Have a great day!

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