Happy Birthday to my Little Guy

Happy Monday everyone!  Today is my little guy’s last birthday as the ‘baby’- and he’s been sick for the past few days.  He asked to celebrate with his family this past weekend, which is not always an easy feat, since all of our family lives at least 2 hours or more away.  But, most of them made the trip, and we are extremely grateful to them for making his celebration this past weekend, special.

We took everyone to the play place- where we had the space all to ourselves. Even the adults played in the tunnels/tubes and ball pit.  It was a great time for everyone.  As far as Jaxen, he was in heaven getting more Skylanders and Star Wars toys!

For those of you who don’t know- Skylanders is a video game geared toward the younger crowd, where you collect characters to play in the game.  It’s made for all of the game systems out there- Wii, PS3, DS and even the ipad.  He had asked for the game for a long time, and we always said, ‘no’ because it looked complicated.  But, for Christmas he got one of the games (there’s 2), and he loved it!  It was easy to understand, there are no blood and guts (my concern).  The characters sit on a portal of power to be put in the game…the portal looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 5.06.46 PM

So, for his birthday he wanted a Skylander cake made by me.  The tricky part was he had been home since Thursday sick and cuddly.  Not much time for mom to put together a cake.  But, I found the time- like we all would.  I made the fondant using this recipe– except I did not use as much powdered sugar, because it just got too hard.  I did not have black food coloring for the fondant, and couldn’t run to the store with a sick boy–so I thought it was worth a try to make it myself with the colors I had.  I figured out some great tips doing this.

  • Even though everyone says you can’t make black with all the colors- it is possible.  I used purple, blue & green.  It looked green for quite a bit, and then finally turned black.  (I was getting nervous as my little mister kept saying…’it still looks green.’
  • Add the powdered sugar slowly, because otherwise your fondant gets too hard too fast and it isn’t as easy to work with.
  • Add the coloring to the melted marshmallows and get it the right color before adding the powdered sugar.  (I cannot tell you how much easier this makes things!)

Anyway, I wasn’t totally impressed with my cake because it wasn’t big and extravagant by any means- and I was feeling a little discouraged when little guy came in and exclaimed, “YOU DID IT!!!”  Apparently it was perfect to him- and I guess that’s all that mattered!

SKylanders cake

I am not a huge fan of the taste of fondant, so I did the cake in buttercream and then added fondant to the bottom and sides. I could have done fondant on top, but I tried to have more ‘real icing’  for flavor.

The sign was made using the Free Silhouette file I offered on Friday

Here are a few pictures from his birthday party:

You’ll see the adults were more than happy to play with him!


Grandma D playing in the ball pit.DSC_0562

Grandma M. going down the slide with him.DSC_0567

Time for cake.DSC_0572

Make a wish!


A homemade card from his sister.


So sweet.

DSC_0577His gift from his sister. A  Star Wars light saber.


Star Wars Kinect game


Even the big boys played in the ball pit.

So much fun!

Hopefully tomorrow Jaxen is feeling well enough to go back to school- otherwise I will just snuggle him at home, and enjoy his last birthday as the baby. (even if he will still be my baby)

Happy Birthday Jaxen!


  • Happy Birthday Jaxen… love the cake and the festive pics… looks like the birthday baby turned into a young man! Congrats on making a wonderful cake and sharing with us some of how you did it! Kathi

  • Sarah, WOW is all I can think of to say about the cake. What a fabulous job. It’s oh so adorable, amazing, awesome, creative,
    and absolutely fabulous. I’m so sorry to hear your little man has been sick but it looks like he was able to bounce back in plenty of time to enjoy his fun birthday party. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to you Jaxen, you little cutie pie, I hope your feeling much better today, did you know that you have such a talented mommy.

  • Happy Birthday to Jaxen – and to mom! I consider my kids’ birthdays a big day for me too – you don’t give birth that often!! I’ve missed you Miss Sarah! I just wrapped up my son’s wedding (my daughter got married over the summer – 2 weddings in 5 months!) and am so excited to get back to “normal” life! Which is sounds like you are as well – I hope your little guy feels better!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful party pictures and amazing cake!! You did such a great job! Brings back such fun memories of when my boy was little except it was all about ninja turtles (but don’t worry – no ninja turtles on the wedding cake)!
    Have a great day!

  • Aww Yayy!! Happy Birthday Jaxen and hope you are feeling better! How old is he now?! Great work on the cake Sara!!! Hope you are feeling well also! Thanks for sharing part of his day with us!! xox

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