DIY Lip Exfoliator

Hi everyone and Happy Monday! A couple days ago, I got a new lipgloss set in the mail…. Buxom lip glosses….have you tried them before? Anyway, I was going to try one out and then I realized that this Winter had taken it’s toll on my soft lips leaving them peeling. Hmm…what to do?

So, I decided to put some of my favorite Coconut Oil to use, and make a lip scrub.

I took out a little bowl, and then mixed a tablespoon-ish (I didn’t use exact measurements) and a tablespoon of honey and stirred together until the honey and coconut oil melted into each other. Then, I added about 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Can you say yum?

I mixed it all together, and then applied a little with my finger. The coconut oil kind of melts into your lips, while the brown sugar gives a nice but gentle exfoliation. Plus, honey–yummmmy!

After applying this about once a day during those hard winter days…my lips should be baby soft in no time. Plus, you can totally lick this stuff right off your lips, when you’re done exfoliating! 🙂

I only made a small batch, because I would rather it only last a few days or so and make new, just in case it starts to go bad?? That would be yucky!

Here’s too super soft lips for everyone!

Baby News: This is the week we are supposed to find out the sex of our little one!! Not sure baby will cooperate, but we will see! I know some of you don’t want to know- so when I post it I will be sure to give a Spoiler Alert at the top so you can skip over it. But, for fun we will be taking guesses on my Facebook page and here if you want to leave a comment with your guess!


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