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Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!  I promised you guys on Monday, that I’d have another set of cards using the Keep Calm stamp set, from Pink by Design.

I made a fun set of cards for a teacher.  Some of you many know, that I used to be a teacher…before I ‘retired’– And, any teacher will tell you, that there are times when you are teaching that you just have to Keep Calm and keep on Teaching.  I was reminded of this the other day when I was volunteering in my son’s classroom, and a student was having a major meltdown.  There were 4 parent volunteers in that day, plus the teacher.  As the parents, all tried to ignore the meltdown, the teacher calmly kept going with her lesson.  The student calmed herself down, and that was that.

Sometimes, things happen in a classroom where you just have to smile and keep teaching.  It’s inevitable with so many kids in one room!  So, I know the teacher that is getting this card set, will get a kick out of them!

I even put them in a cute little box, I cut from the Silhouette store.  It is a Lori Whitlock file, but I resized it- squished it and lengthened it to get it to be just the right size for my cards.

Festive, right?   I stamped a sentiment from Merry be your days from Pink by Design and tied it closed with a pretty red ribbon.

Have you thought about teacher gifts this year?


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