Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Free File

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!! Can you believe it’s just 4 days til Christmas?!  Crazy, right?  We got a TON of snow here yesterday- almost 12 inches.  We were all very excited for a family snow day, but were a little sad that the wind was blowing so hard we couldn’t go out and enjoy it very much.  But, it sure was pretty to look at with the fireplace on, and sipping hot cocoa.  (baby likes hot cocoa with mini marshmallows)


Well today is Flashback Friday and Free File Friday- but, since we are so close to the holidays I am just going to share a FREE FILE and the project I made with it!  I know there are so many things people still have left to do- whether it’s baking or shopping or crafting.  Just remember, it’s okay to say enough is enough- and put that baking off til next year- and sit and snuggle your loved ones instead. (That’s sometimes what I do!)


Today, I have a file that I made to hold a red lollipop.  I designed it for the big tootsie pops, but you can resize the reindeer for whatever size sucker or lollipop you have.  🙂

My kids LOVED these!!  And, I loved having a tootsie pop while posting this! 🙂

Are you ready for the free silhouette file so you can make some yourself? Just click the photo below:


Oh, and if you missed the SUPER CUTE Santa Britches that I shared with you guys earlier this week–don’t forget to download the file here.

I have family coming into town for the holidays-so I probably won’t be posting much until after Christmas–so to all my awesome readers out there- Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Hug the ones you love, and enjoy every minute! Love to you all!





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