Flashback Friday & Free File Friday

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!  It’s Flashback Friday and Free File Friday!! So, let’s get started!!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to get a nice scarf for Christmas- and I believe, like shoes…you can never have too many scarves.  You can have fancy scarves, warm and cozy scarves, casual scarves, patterned scarves, silky scarves, and the best kind….Homemade scarves!

So, I am going to show you how to quickly make a CUTE scarf without having to sew, or anything and using supplies you probably already have!

Before you watch, I have to tell you- this is one of my most commented on videos on YouTube.  People LOVE my scissors, or hate that fact that I am using paper scissors on fabric–and are not afraid to tell me their opinion. I’ve gotten a good laugh over the comments over the last year! You gotta take comments on youtube with a grain of salt, because not everyone is as sweet as you guys!

How easy was that?  You could do it right now!! Go grab an old t-shirt …you know you want to!


I made another one also…where I cut the loops- and braided the section I wanted braided.  Then I tied an extra piece of t-shirt fabric around the top of the braid and at the bottom of the braid.

It looked good…but, now what?  How would I get the ends back together?  I could sew it….nah!

So, here’s what I did as Mr. Pink looked on, wondering what on earth I was doing 😉

I took each strand and pulled it to the matching end – on one end I cut a little slit, by folding the fabric over, and creating almost a button hole.

I then pulled the other end through that hole and tied a knot.  I did this for each strand- making sure to match up the right ends.  It left tiny little knots that would go behind my neck– and under my hair- so they didn’t bother me in the least.  BUT, you could also take another piece of fabric and wrap it around those knots to hide it.  😉  Easy peasy–and NO SEWING!

I ‘recycled’ 2 t-shirts in this project and put them to much better use!

Here’s another pic- and also this could TOTALLY be doubled up!


Today’s file is the cute stocking box that Gloria made over on the PBD blog

Click the image below to start download.


  • So glad you can take YT comments with a grain of salt. Why does it matter what scissors you use? -lol. Now if someone touches paper with my sewing scissors…that’s a different story :). This is a great project and I’m pinning it for my daughter (Who has an abundance of t-shirts) to see.

  • I love this scarf tutorial! We made probably 10 of them after you put this video out the first time! They are so awesome and with 2 boys I always have worn out tshirts that my girls love to make into anything! Did you record the ustream the other night? I looked on the ustream site and didn’t see it but you know how I don’t get along with technology very well!!??!!! Have a great weekend!!

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