The Day After

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones.  If you noticed, there was no Link Up Tuesday yesterday, but I am extending last week’s in case you want to link up for next week. 🙂 Also, instead of showing a crafty post today- I am just going to write about a few Christmas highlights here.

Here at the Pink household,  we had my family in town, Griswald style.  (meaning they drove their ol’ RV to the house)  After camping in it this summer, the kids LOVE it-and were more than excited to spend a wintry night in it with their grandma and papaw.  Plus, it gave mom & dad time to wrap any  last minute Santa gifts and just hang out.


Our Christmas Tree before everything went wild on Christmas morning.

One of my favorite gifts was from Jaxen who painted this ‘treasure box’ for me, and added pictures with the help from his dad.  He also filled it with milk chocolate nuggets!

Both of the kids made homemade gifts of some sort this Christmas.  Alexis even learned how to use a low-temp glue gun by herself. (with supervision) She made a few pom-pom animals for people, as well as wrote a book for her dad.  We truly have sweet, sweet kids!

Jaxen only asked for Hot Wheels and Batman 2 for his DS- but, he was extremely excited for his Kindle Fire….and  mommy is excited to get her iPad back 😉

Alexis showed us her vocals on her new Karaoke Machine from her Uncle Adam.  Mommy even sang a couple songs with her.

Jaxen got a giant inflatable ball to roll in- which they had to try out in all the snow.  Grandma and Uncle Adam spent an hour blowing it up!  But seeing Jaxen roll down the hill was quite funny!

My Craft Studio turned into a Dance Studio- when Alexis got Just Dance 4.  I am so glad Mr. Pink made me a craft desk that rolls away when I need it to!  This is grandma and Alexis getting their dance on.

These are just a few pictures from the celebration–and we will continue our celebration this weekend with Mr. Pink’s family.  We are so thankful to have spent time with our family- sharing laughs and stories over yummy food.  We are very blessed.  I hope you had a memorable Christmas and remembered to take a few photos to scrapbook later!

Hopefully, things will be back to normal on the blog tomorrow–but, please feel free to link up below for last week’s Link Up Tuesday!





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