Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!  Hope you are having a good week!  Last night, I crafted with my 2 little monkeys- we didn’t have much time…just a half hour.  I told them how much time we had, and that we would need to leave a few minutes at the end to clean up our mess.  My kids are REALLY good at leaving all kinds of scraps, punches, glue, glitter, and more behind them! 🙂

I just love to see them happily creating- it gets messy- but, I am glad they enjoy something I enjoy. And, since they are 5 & 7, they know where the supplies are that they are allowed to use, and how to get them- and that means mommy gets to make a project too!

So, here’s what I made in my half hour– with time to pick up my mess too! 🙂

My first personalized ornament of the season…and isn’t it CA-UTE?!  The little boy this ornament is for, loves monkeys- well, at least his mom does. 😉 So, I thought this monkey file from Monkey Around  at Lettering Delights. of course I had to add his name, and the year. I cut the files out using 4 layers of vinyl (black, brown, pink, tan)


After, I did all the vinyl work- I filled my ornament with gold glitter.  I use spray adhesive and Martha Stewart gold glitter. (You can use regular spray adhesive or Repositionable Adhesive…either will work!)

Here’s a video on how to make your own.  Oh, and the ornaments I used come in a 4 pack at Hobby Lobby- they are round, flat glass ornaments that are 4 inches.


You know the great thing?  There is STILL PLENTY of time to get some glass ornaments and make your own–or make them as gifts!  IF you make any- I’d love to see them!




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