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Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!!  Hope you are all having a fantastic week.  We are all on the mend here–and thank goodness, (knock-on-wood) I never got sick….just exhausted! But, doesn’t that happen to all moms, sometimes?

Anyway…yesterday Mr. Pink took me out for lunch and to Joann’s where I saw my latest publication…which is in my VERY FIRST Simply Handmade Magazine.  If you are at your local craft store–take a peek at the Holiday issue!  I was so excited about this…because it was my first real non-paper project published in a non-paper magazine.  And, if you are interested in seeing where else I’ve been published…take a peek here and see if you have any of these issues lying around! 🙂

Okay…back to Joann’s- I also saw something else QUITE interesting! Wanna see???

What is that, you ask?  Why, it’s a PINK Cricut Version 1 or fondly called by cricuters as a “Baby Bug”– I was surprised to see these babies all lined up…and showing off their pink hue!  Well, this little cutie is priced at $199.99 ….which I was a little shocked by…though, the Baby Bug and the Expression are definitely the work horses of the family–I thought it was a little steep.  So, I was chatting with my friend Liz from 217 Creations and she said…”I wonder if they are going to mark them down for Black Friday?”  Well..of course that must be it!!  Because, we think we know everything…haha!  I guess Liz was right…because look at what’s on

I don’t know if you remember but, last Christmas Mr. Pink and I painted our sweet daughter’s version 1 pink before giving it to her for Christmas.

Well, this year my little guy, who’s 5, said he wanted his own Cricut….I looked at him, and said, “You want your own to craft with?”  And, he said…no…like this one…and held up my little stuffed cricut doll! 🙂


Okay….I am not going to post w/o putting up a project…yesterday, I also got to see a friend from out-of-town who I was working on a fun little project for….and I don’t have fancy pics of it or anything…but…thought I’d share the one blurry iphone pic I did have…because I think it turned out SO CUTE!!

She wanted a tutu for a 3 year old she knows–in pink/green/black…And, of course I had to make a coordinating shirt! 🙂  This picture seriously does it NO justice….because it is SO CUTE and FLUFFY!! But, I didn’t have any 3 year old girls to try it on!! But, if she takes a picture after she gifts it–I’ll be sure to let you guys see it!

Okay…that is it?  So…what do you think of the Pink Baby Bug?


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