Flashback Friday

Hi everyone and welcome to another Flashback Friday!!  Today,  I wanted to flashback to one of my ‘most pinned’ items on this little blog of mine 🙂

It was a post I did to help people figure out those crazy little sandwiches for the Big Shot and the Cuttlebug.  Since, I made this…I have purchased the Sizzix Vagabond- which is the electronic embossing machine licensed by Tim Holtz.  Please note, that the sandwiches for the Big Shot will also work with the Vagabond- for the most part.  I will be adding to this list, after experimenting with my Vagabond to be sure all sandwiches are covered. 🙂


I hope this helps!!

Keep in mind–it is always better to start out with less of a sandwich and add to it–whether it is another plate or a shim–you never want to force your favorite embossing tool, too much!  I have heard of plates breaking–although it has never happened to me.  If this does happen, don’t worry too much–they are all replaceable!!  And, if there are any on here that you don’t see–let me know and I would be happy to add them!

Feel free to Copy and Print these out – or Pin them to find them later!

Cuttlebug Sandwich     Die Cutting          Embossing

Cuttlebug Plate APlate BDie (cut side up)CardstockPlate B Plate APlate BFolder (with cardstock inside)Plate B
NestabilitiesYou will need an embossing mat to emboss,or a plumbers gasket cut to size. Plate APlate CSpellbinders DieCardstockPlate B Plate ADie with Die cut still in DieEmbossing Mat2-3 Cardstock Shims(try 2 first)Plate B

Plate B

Sizzix Big Shot Plate BCardstockDie (cutting side down)Plate B Plate APlate BFolder with Cardstock insidePlate BCardstock shim
Revolution Dies Plate APlate CDieCardstockPlate B
Sizzlits Plate APlate BDieCardstockPlate B
Sizzix Originals & other Steel Dies Plate BCardstockDiePlate B
Sizzix Cut N Fold Dies Plate ADieCardstockPlate BChipboard ShimOR TRY

Plate B



Chipboard Shim

Simple Impressions Plate APlate BFolder (cardstock inside)Plate BOR TRYPlate A

Chipboard Shims

Folder (cardstock inside)

Plate B

QuickcutzRegular and Grand Plate APlate BDieCardstockPlate C
Brass Embossing Stencils Plate APlate BBrass StencilCardstockEmbossing Mat or Plumber’s GasketPlate B
Texture Plates Plate ATexture PlateCardstockEmbossing MatImpressions Pad(sold in Sizzix Texturz Starter Kit)

Possible Shim

Plate B

Compliments of Sarah at www.pinkcricut.com

Big Shot Sandwich      Die Cutting    Embossing

Spellbinders Dies with Magnetic Placement Pad Multipurpose Tab 2Acrylic MatMagnetic Placement MatSpellbinders Die CardstockAcrylic Mat Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic MatMagnetic Placement MatSpellbinders DieCardstockTan Emboss Mat

Possible Cardstock Shim

Acrylic Mat

Spellbinders Dies w/o Magnetic Placement Pad Multipurpose Tab 2Spellbinders DieCardstockAcrylic MatAcrylic Mat Multipurpose Tab 1Spellbinders DieCardstockTan Emboss MatTan Emboss MatCardstock Shim
Cuttlebug Multipurpose Tab 2Acrylic MatCuttlebug dieCardstockAcrylic mat Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic MatCuttlebug Embossing FolderAcrylic Mat
Wafer-thin DiesQuickutz Multipurpose Tab 2Acrylic MatWafer-thin DieCardstockAcrylic Mat
Metal Stencils Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic PadMetal StencilCardstockSilicone RubberImpressions Pad
Sizzix Texturz Multipurpose Tab 1Texturz PlateCardstockSilicone RubberImpressions Pad
Sizzlits Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic MatSizzlits DieCardstockAcrylic Mat
2.5 inch folders Multipurpose no tabAcrylic MatEmbossing FolderAcrylic Mat
Embosslits Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic MatEmbosslits DieCardstockAcrylic Mat
Clearlits Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic MatClearlits dieCardstockAcrylic Mat
Simple Impressions Multipurpose Tab 1Acrylic MatSimple Impressions Embossing FoldersAcrylic Mat
Sizzix Big Dies Acrylic MatDieCardstockAcrylic Mat
Originals Dies Acrylic MatDieCardstockAcrylic Mat
Movers & Shakers XL Acrylic PadDieCardstockXL acrylic pad

Compliments of Sarah at www.pinkcricut.com


  • Thank you so much. I was going crazy trying to figure out the Cuttlebug. I was told to buy a metal plate at the scrapbook show and it would work perfect. Wrong unless Im doing it wrong.

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