Chalkboard Frames

Hi every0one and Happy Thursday! It seems chalkboard are everywhere these days–from simple chalkboards, to elegant framed chalkboards, to chalkboard labels and walls. And, they don’t seem to be going anywhere….

The other day, I bought a few frames with the intention of turning them into chalkboards. I had on hand a spray can of chalkboard paint which you can pick up at any craft, paint or home improvement store. It will cost you about $6 give or take. It’s great if you want to do a large area.


Or, I had the brush on kind of chalkboard paint, made by Martha Stewart–it costs about $3. I picked mine up at Michael’s when there was a 25% off Martha Stewart goodies! This is great for small projects, where you need a more precise hand.

I also had on hand, all of the ingredients to make my own colored chalkboard paint including the unsanded grout. Mr. Pink had to go to the store to help me pick this up…just in case I got lost in the home improvement store. 🙂

The recipe for making your own chalkboard paint, in ANY color you want is:

  • 1 cup latex or acrylic paint
  • 2 tbsp unsanded grout

Mix paint and a small amount of grout in a bowl. Add more grout until you get a cake batter consistency. Break up as many clumps of the grout as you can. Mix until most of the lumps have disappeared. (Ps. this recipe is from the queen, Martha Stewart)

Also, a lesser known fact is that ANY paint can be chalkboard paint, if you buy it in matte form. The darker, the better. We did a wall in my daughter’s room, like this in purple matte paint- and she loves writing with chalk on it. (tomorrow I will try to snag a picture…she’s sleeping right now…and I didn’t want to disturb her)

Okay…so back to my project….pretty frames….need to make into chalkboards.

I looked at all my options….and I thought—WHAT AM I DOING? I don’t have to brush on paint and wait…I don’t have to go outside and spray, I don’t have to mix anything…why am I making this so complicated?

They are just small frames….why don’t I use……

my DCWV All Chalked Up stack?? But, of course….then I could just take out the glass (safer for kids), cut my chalkboard paper to size, put in the card stock, and replace the backing and VOILA…chalkboard frames without the mess.

So easy, right?? Why did I even buy all the other chalkboard paints? Oh, yes…because I will use them on different projects…and you know I WILL!

Then…I could write whatever I wanted on them…. I like to use the wet erase chalk markers. (and you don’t really have to get it too wet to erase– so don’t worry about that! Plus there’s always more chalkboard paper!


I think they turned out PERFECT- and I was so glad to be able to find a simpler solution–thank you DCWV!!

Now, the question…what on earth would I need chalkboard frames for? What could you use them for?


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