Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween!  Our trick or treat was last night, and it was also the evening for us to watch The Great Pumpkin with the kids.  As to not take time away from family, I waited to work on Halloween treats for the kids’ classes after they went to bed…..oh, and after Sons of Anarchy. (totally hooked on that show, and it is so unlike me!)

Well, by that time I was kind of wiped, and not feeling the best- so Mr. Pink came down to my studio and helped out! 🙂 He was quite the trooper, using the paper trimmers like a pro- and he even fixed my ATG which was acting up a bit!

I wanted to make little holders for pixie sticks, and had planned something a bit more fancy–but, to be honest…they are going to elementary kids and they are not going to care what the ‘holder’ looks like!  And….I knew I would only have Mr. Pink’s help for so long, before he got tired…or the smell of crafty goodness got to him!

But, the best part is…they are D-O-N-E and the kids are going to be totally excited to pass them out! So, yay for mom & dad this time! 🙂  (Well…mostly dad…since he was even the one to run to the store and get pixie sticks this afternoon!)

They are simple to make- I used Bazzill kraft card stock- and trimmed it 2×9 inch pieces.  Scored at 3.5 inches, folded up and adhered.  Added pretty paper, by this DCWV’s Halloween stacks from this year.  Add candy, and ribbon and done.  🙂

We made 60 of these in about an hour- while chit-chatting. The only bad thing is that Mr. Pink thinks I have too many paper trimmers now…how could that be?  Gotta love my Westcott trimmers- 🙂

No fancy pics either- just an iphone shot– thank goodness for phones with cameras!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a Happy & Safe Halloween!   I hope to get in my studio sometime today and film a little tutorial for you guys….wish me luck!



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