New Silhouette Portrait – Hasn’t even been Released yet!

Hey everyone!! Have you seen this? Looks like Silhouette is coming out with a new machine, that is smaller…think of the Portrait vs the Cameo much like the Cricut Mini vs the Expression.

Takes up less room, and is at a smaller price point. Sounds good to me! Let’s just hope that they didn’t rush this out–after the Mini leaving so many people disappointed, I am kind of nervous about the Portrait.

However, the size is perfect for card makers and mini album makers.  AND…it’s cute!!

Here’s the scoop!

NEW! Silhouette Portrait

The Silhouette Portrait™ is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Silhouette CAMEO electronic cutting tool. Like the CAMEO, the 8″ Portrait connects to your computer, allowing you the freedom to cut all your fonts, download thousands of designs from the Silhouette Online Store, or design shapes of your own with the included software. The Silhouette Portrait has an optical scanner that reads registration marks printed with your design and cuts precisely around the image.

The Portrait is designed around the standard 8.5”x11” dimensions of sheet materials. All Silhouette products, including heat transfer vinyl, are available in a size compatible with the Portrait. The Portrait can handle 9″ media but has an 8″ cutting area.

The Portrait also has the same motor as the Cameo. This means it has the same cutting capabilities as the Cameo, including the cutting speed, downforce pressure, 10 feet cutting length, and contour cutting ability!

Silhouette studio is the free software included with your Silhouette Portrait. It is both MAC and PC compatible and contains powerful design tools to help you create your own shapes. This software also organizes and stores all of your unique designs in the Silhouette Studio library.

Cut a variety of materials including:

  • Cardstock
  • Magnet paper
  • Fabric
  • Heat transfer material
  • Transparencies
  • Wood paper
  • Paper
  • Vellum
  • Adhesive vinyl



What kinds of projects can I do with my Silhouette Portrait:

  • Scrapbook layouts and cards: Cut titles, background designs, or shapes to embellish any scrapbook page or card.
  • Rhinestone projects: Add some bling to your projects by cutting a template with your Silhouette Portrait™ and brushing Silhouette rhinestones into the design making them easy to layout and transfer.
  • Fabric ink projects: Create a screen printed look by cutting a stencil using the Silhouette Portrait™ and applying inks to your fabric projects.
  • Vinyl projects: Cut out intricate designs in vinyl and apply them to your wall, car, or almost any project surface.
  • Heat transfer projects: Create custom apparel, accessories, and home décor by cutting out heat transfer material and ironing your designs onto your fabric project.
  • Paper crafting: Create custom invitations, boxes, favors—even cupcake liners and doilies
  • With the Silhouette Portrait, you can use cut fonts already installed on your computer. Chances are, you already have dozens of fonts on your computer. With the Portrait, you can use them to cut out any combination of words you want – in any size.


Silhouette knocked the Cameo out of the park when it came out–and I still LOVE it– so let’s cross our fingers that the Portrait is the same quality of machine!


Oh and you can preorder it now for $199 at USCUTTER to ship around Thanksgiving 🙂

What do you think?


  • Hmmm…. I’m kinda excited! I really am looking to get a cameo one day. .. I have the expression, but am very intrigued by what the silhouette can cut! I see so many awesome projects I can’t wait to one day get one!!

  • Not sure what problems people have had with their Minis but I love mine. It is a great little machine and I use it for a lot if small projects. Now as far as the Portrait goes, I have been coveting a Cameo for a.while now and I think that the price difference is not enough to make me buy the Portrait instead. Remember the Mini is only $99.

  • Very interesting! I like the size – my paper is typically 8 1/2 by 11 so this is a great option – just still too pricy at $200! Thanks for the update – I’ll have to watch for it to come down in price! I’m still using a $75 cricut personal cutter I lucked out winning on ebay for that price so I won’t be rushing out for this one. I wish it was still possible to get the sure cuts a lot or make the cut – but after all of the law suits it is not available for the cricut – then I could do the svg thing and have the best of both worlds!
    Have a great weekend!

  • It can’t be rushed, because it’s the same thing as the Original and SD that have been around for years! It’s already tried & true, along with software that’s tried and true. I’ll never go backwards from my Cameo, though. I already had the original Silhouette that’s the same size and function as the Portrait.

  • I love my Sihouette SD…..don’t need a new machine with a little more zip or whatever ! I have an Expression if I need the 12 inch cut !

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