Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! 1/2 way through the week! Doesn’t it feel great? We’ve had a little taste of fall weather here, with temperatures dipping into the 40’s, but today it is supposed to be a high of 80. We’ve been taking full advantage of the fall weather, by making soups, turning on the fireplace, and bundling up in scarves and boots. 🙂

Yesterday, was my first day volunteering in Jaxen’s Kindergarten classroom.  But, after a couple incidences last week- I wanted to be sure he didn’t have any special rules for me.  (Let’s do a little backtracking….Incidence 1… Bus stop, cool older boys were complaining about getting kisses from their mothers, suddenly little buddy doesn’t want a goodbye kiss from his mom….sad face.  Incidence 2…walking towards the school, and getting close to the building, buddy drops my hand like I have girl germs…..ouch…I chalked both of these situations as him trying to be the ‘cool kid’ and I swallowed my  mommy pride) Okay, back to volunteering….I wanted to know if there were any rules I needed to follow.  He said, “um…probably no kissing, or hugging…or holding hands….well, okay we can hug.”  I said, “okay, I can live with that.”

So, I am volunteering and we are all having a great time, and he really likes me being there- and everyone keeps asking him if I’m his mom…and so forth.  Typical Kindergarten classroom stuff.  Then it’s time to go. I lean over his desk, and say, “alright, buddy I’ve gotta go…have a good day and I’ll see you later.”

And, without any hesitation, he stops what he’s doing…reaches up, wraps his arms around my neck and kisses me….right on the lips–without even so much of a glance towards his friends, and right in front of them.  I was a little shocked, after I was told ‘the rules’- but,  my heart was happy and proud.  Later on, at the dinner table- I told him that was my very favorite part of the whole day.  Wouldn’t it be yours too?

Okay…..enough of the mommy talk…who wants to see something crafty?

Today, I have a 2 page layout for  you- (though for some reason the pictures make the reds look different, they are not.)  I used to ONLY do 2 page layouts- and then 1 page layouts started to be pretty popular- so I tried my hand at those for awhile.  I like mixing it up, now 🙂

For these layouts I used Echo Park A Boy’s Life patterned paper.

I like how the many layers of patterned paper replicate the busy hands of little boys, and stars are always a staple when it comes to boy layouts.

The “FAVES” stamp is from the Speech Captions stamp set,  a great everyday stamp set that encourages journaling on layouts 🙂

I handcut the banner, and I kept this side a little simpler than the first.  I added a few Tim Holtz tiny attacher staples, some journaling and a sentiment from The Life You Imagined .


I tried to put journaling in a couple different spots, because I notice that now that my daughter is 7- she wants to pull out the scrapbooks and pore over those words I wrote so long ago on her pages.

His Faves at the time…were Bakugan (we seemed to buy them every time we went to Target, which was okay with me, because they were much easier to ‘transform’ than transformers….those on the other hand were NOT created with mothers of small boys in mind!)

and….Long Sleeves- no matter what the temperature he wanted to be wearing long sleeves.  He has always been finicky about his clothing.  My daughter just wants whatever is pretty or cool- and he wants things that are cool or feel nice.  So, then it was long sleeves and shirts with collars.  Now it is track pants and those silky feeling athletic shirts that are stretchy–and NO collars. 🙂  Phew!



  • I enjoy your mommy talk – it brings back such great memories! I’m also excited to see you use your own handwriting on your layouts – I go back and forth with whether I should do that or not! My hand writing is not pretty but I have heard I should write my own stuff so it is more my documenting what happened….so thanks! Super cute layout!
    Have a great day!

  • Awww… it melts my heart!! My son used to wear long sleeves too, even in the middle of summer! That ended about grade 4 & now he wears t shirts & hoodies…. Thanks for sharing your great story!!

  • Just love the happy times you share with us.. this one in particular. My girls are all in high school & college but still think back to the times like what you shared. Treasure those precious moments!

  • Oh Sarah, how very well I remember those days of volunteering at school and when the “cool kid” attitude strikes! It was so sweet he hugged and kissed you goodbye in front of everyone! I also did a lot at the schools and loved it when the kids were in K – maybe 3 or 4th grade when they were excited for me to be there and proud their mom helped out. Enjoy it now! Now my baby is 21 and my older one is 25! It really does go by in a flash!
    Love your layout too!

  • I also remember when the kids didn’t want hugs or kisses or to sit close to me anymore…mainly around the 5th through 12th grades. But now that they are in college hugs are ok again 😀 Great job on your layout. The papers are perfect for boys and stars are a must!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  • Love your tugging at the mommy heartstrings story! My little man is getting really big, but he’s a sweetie, too, and I hope and pray he turns out as sweet as his dad! Keep sharing your stories! Your layouts are fun! Good to document “what’s hot” for them since it really does change frequently!

  • Thank you for sharing your precious moments of “mommy talk” bcause it really reminded me of my 21 and 22 yr olds that are off at college!!! Time really does go too too fast. Enjoy your time with your kids in volunteering and being apart of their lives! It is so important!! More than even a full time job!

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