Flashback Friday: Cropadile

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Flashback Friday!!


Today, we are looking at that handy little crop-a-dile that’s been around for years- and is still one of those tools that should be in every scrap room!

In my video I also mentioned that I would list the TOP and BASE cube combinations for the common settings– so here they are:


Grommets:  D4

Standard Eyelets: A3

Standard Snaps: B3

Oversized Eyelets: C1

Misc. and square shaped embellishments: D1


Here is the combination chart to look at if none of your embellishments fall into the top category.  This chart does come with your tool, but sometimes we misplace those :).


A. 3/16 inch eyelet setter- for all standard and oversized eyelets

B 1/8 inch round snap setter. Dish shaped for all 1/8 inch round standard snaps.

C 1/8 inch eyelet setter. For all 1/8 inch standard and oversized eyelets.

D Flat Setter. For all oversized, misc. and square shaped metal embellishments and snaps


1 Large/Extra Large Eyelet and Snap Flare- for all 3/16 inch standard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

2 Medium Eyelet and Snap Flare- for other nonstandard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

3 Small Eyelet and Snap Flare- For all 1/8 inch standard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

4 Cone shaped Flare- for snaps and eyelets where the eyelet tube is not completely hollow and for other misc cast metal eyelets and snap shapes.


  • Thank you for doing this video. I have used mine with mixed results; now I know things have not always gone right…one of these days I will read and keep instructions. really. I will.

    • Sorry..I meant now I know WHY things have not always gone right.. one of these days I will read my comments carefully before I post them. really. I will..

  • Hi Sarah!
    Thank You for this tutorial!!!I have this tool and was about to give it away because I did not know how t use it!I saw a video on Utube and it just left me with questions.Now I know the Top is Letters and the bottom is numbers.Did not know that!I now know the difference between Eyelets and Grommets…lol..sorry did not know that. Now I can take itout and play with it!!Thank you so much again…I appreciate your tutorials!
    Have a wonderful day,

  • Cropodile rocks!!!!! I have a Big Bite and I don’t use it terribly often but when I need it, it’s so worth having space for it!!! Much better than pounding and I love being able to go through everything without a fuss!

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