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Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!  Double page layouts is where I started in scrapbooking- as I tried to preserve the memories of my daughter’s first days and months.  She is the reason I fell in love with paper and tools.  Though, when I started I knew nothing about scrapbooking–nothing, nada, zilch.

We had a small, local scrapbooking store (lss) in town (ps. I didn’t know what lss stood for, at that point, let alone what it was called.) that I would go to with my daughter in tow. I would select 2-4 pieces of cardstock and coordinating paper for a group of pictures that I already had printed and ready to go.  There was an exact purpose for the papers I selected. I had no fancy tools- not even a paper cutter.  No punches, no embossing folders, no diecutters, nothing fancy.  Just paper, scissors, glue and my pictures.

It was all I needed to get creative- to document her little life. I spread it all out on the backside of a poker table, the kind where you flip over the top for a card playing surface.  Mr. Pink says this is where I started taking over his “man cave” as I have continued to do so over the years.  Alexis would spend time with her daddy, and I would escape into a world of paper, cutting, matting, and moving pictures around til they were just right.

Fast forward a few years- and I still have this love for paper -except I’ve added a whole bunch of paper and tools to my collection. How does that happen, anyway?  I can’t remember the last time I went to a store and bought just 2 pieces of paper….(shame on me) 😉

No matter how many tools I have, or how much paper I have….there is something about getting into that groove- into that world of just me and the pictures.  A sweet and warm feeling of preserving memories- that does not involve the mechanics of an embossing machine,  or the chirping of a diecutter.  The smell of paper is all I need to get a layout done.

In this 2 page layout- I used 2 sheets of kraft cardstock, 1 sheet of Echo Park’s Everyday Eclectic paper, (I {heart} this collection) and a scrap piece of cardstock and ribbon.  Back to the Basics….right?

This time was a little easier than years ago, because I did allow myself to use some simple and inexpensive templates.

You see those fancy curves I made– I used these super helpful framing templates by Kiwi Lane – They let me trace the curves, and figure out where I wanted to put all of my pieces before starting to glue it all down.

With 2 brackets (one on each page) I could fit in a whole lotta of journaling- which I used to do, and need to do more of now.  The precious memories that my children are making now, are just as important to document as the ones from when they were babies and toddlers.

Oh, If you want to see a whole video on how I did this layout- click here for my episode on My Craft Channel– this aired last week.

A simple piece of ribbon, dresses up the layout without distracting from the pretty patterned paper (which is double sided by the way) I love double sided paper because it puts all the guesswork out of mixing and matching patterned paper.  Never underestimate getting back to the basics- it’s good for the soul and you’ll be amazed at what you create without the techy stuff 🙂

And if you want to get a little bit fancier without the machines..guess what? I am giving away a set of Kiwi Lane templates.  All you have to do is leave a comment below and stop by the  Kiwi Lane Facebook Page , like them and tell them I sent you.




  • Love your layout. I am a fan of 2 page layouts and just discovered Kiwi Lane Designs in May at our scrapbooking convention

  • How nice to share how easy it is to scrapbook your memories without all the fancy gadgets and a whole storeroom full of supplies!! I wonder how many people are intimidated away from getting started because they think you need all the paraphernalia before you can begin. You did a beautiful job with just the basics, and it’s a great reminder to those of us who have built up quite a “stash” to really look at what we have and return to the basic elements of design to create beautiful pages to house our memories. Well done!

  • Sarah, the layout looks lovely and it is refreshing to see a layout done without a ton of papers, embellishments and tools needed! So many people give up on scrapping because they can’t afford to get all the “pretty stuff” or they don’t have the time to spend 4 hours on a page! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Love the two page layout. The pictures really stand out and the pink is beautiful!! I actually get less done now because there are too many options. Thanks for the back to beautiful basic reminder. Hoping that gets my mojo going. 🙂

  • Such a cute layout! I am beginning my daughter’s wedding album and have to keep reminding myself to go back to the more simple layouts – or for one I will never get it done – so thanks for the further reminder and inspiration!

  • I too started out that way. But I scrapbooked as a child and I am 55 yrs old, so thats a longggggggggg time! No matting or any tools except sissors, elmers glue or tape and an ink pen. No card stock or pretty paper…Just a book with beige looking papers bound in the book. Photos corners, pics and or other momentos. I have truely come along way with scrapping! I look back at the tattered pages of my old scrapbook and it makes me laugh but brings joy to my heart! Great story there Sarah!

  • These templates look like a great starter to a lo or even a card. We all have the problem where should I start ; Kiwi has has found a way.
    Dawn RI

    • Ha Ha I love the comment re: LSS…. I love Kiwi Designs, discovered them this summer at a scrapbook convention in Texas. Your layouts are cute cute cute.

  • I look back at my 1st scrapbooks and see how far I’ve come – I wouldn’t trade my cricut and various tools for anything, but I still enjoyed the basic ness of the craft then, and will always remember the times and memories making it!

  • I recently discovered Kiwi Lane Designs at the Scrapbook Expo. I love the product (already made and received my first purchase). Now I can FINALLY use all of the scrapbook paper I have been accumulating. It makes creating so much easier…and fun again!

  • Cute layout w/ awesome way to incorporate orange! It’s always such a tough color…You’re big into chevrons right now, huh?!?

  • LOVE this Sarah! I really enjoyed the video and I cannot wait to get my hands on a few of these templates. SO easy and classy …back to the basics for sure :). Thanks so much!

  • Sarah, your layout is gorgeous! Love the mix of papers and the clean design! I remember just having a few things to scrapbook I have outgrown my whole craftroom and need a much bigger one! LOL Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    Heather Lynn

  • Super cute layout Sarah, already a huge fan of kiwi lane, ever since my best friend and I went to a scrapbook expo and she got hooked. Took her almost a year to sway me but now I’m glad. They make doing layouts so easy.

  • I too am a fan of Kiwi Lane, I found them by accident web searching. They make it so easy to do colorful two page layouts. Can’t wait to see them at Expo next month in Anaheim.

  • Wow. I happened to stumble across the Kiwi Lane web site and I love, love, love them. I can’t wait to for them to come to a show that is close enough to me to attend. I’ve already liked them on Facebook.

  • That’s how we all got started huh? Looking back at those pages is a bit embarrassing but they still have all the love we put into our kiddos pages today. Just watched the video for this one – you are so adorable and I LOVE your new space!!! Hugs, Sabrina

  • I am such a fan of Kiwi Lane, so of course I like their FB page. Your layout is so cute and really set focus on the photos, which is pretty much the whole reason any of us scrapbook anyways, riiiiiight?! We all want to cherish photos that captured an amazing moment in our lives and do it in a beautiful way!

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