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Hey everyone and Happy Saturday!  Wait, what?!  Happy Saturday- I hardly ever post on Saturdays…but, since I skipped a day this week- I thought I’d make it up to you!

Let’s see who even stops by here on Saturday 😉 😉

I wanted to do a ‘boy’ card- because I do so very few of them.  The Echo Park Note to Self was perfect for a ‘manly’ card.  Of course, I still girlied it up a little 😉

I designed this entire card within my Silhouette program, just to see if I could- 😉  That way I could measure all my mats and pieces to look exactly how I wanted them before cutting them out. I think it worked rather nicely.  A little more work than just going with the flow…but, it works!

The beautiful sentiment is from To the Moon– and I used kraft card stock, cream cardstock- that I cut scallops into – and a little bit of DCWV Cardstock- because let’s face it, they always have just the right color!  I added twine and a few metal pieces to the card.  See, I didn’t get TOO girly…  The sentiment rings true though…because although every marriage or relationship has it’s ups and downs…difficult and easy spots– looking back, if you know there is no one else you’d rather have those ups and downs with—then you’ve found your keeper! 🙂

Have you found your keeper?


  • Yes I have! 42 years on a rollercoaster ride, but the highs out weigh the lows! Great sentiment on the card, your hubby should love it.

  • Your design turned out great! I love designing digitally for the same reason, lots of up front work, but very little time and materials wasted on cutting!
    I have a keeper, too! Nobody’s perfect and we both accept that about each other and have a good time together!

  • Hi Sarah … Yup, I found my keeper. Had to kick the first one to the curb after 17 years, but now I’m with my keeper for 18, so it is all good. I gotta say, the second time around, the highs definitely have exceeded the lows — or is it that I’m just more tolerant of the lows after the crash/burn that I had the first time?? Well, regardless. The fun thing I found out recently, when Mr. Smiley and I celebrated our anniversary in March: he’d MUCH prefer my handmade cards to the store-bought one I made for him. I didn’t know how much he appreciated the crafting in me … he was actually a bit crestfallen when I presented him with a Hallmark one. Now THAT is a keeper!!!

    Happy weekend posting!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
    E-mail: cardmonkey@comcast.net

  • great card.Which set is this sentiment on?? Love it and do not remember seeing it before? I am my one and this would make a great card for him someday!

  • rarely a day goes by that we don’t stop by your blog, Sarah! 🙂 Your card is great – love the scallop edge! I’m always looking for boy ideas as there are no girls in this family! YaY for keepers! There is nothing better!

  • Yep still checking in!!
    Great card!
    Yes, I sure did find him and had him for a WONDERFUL 39 years.
    I wish I could go and do it all again. It would be worth the pain in the end, but I would still do it all again.
    And this is a similar saying I put on his flower all the time.
    It will be 5 years this Halloween day.

  • This card is a definite keeper, and you post on the weekends fairly often – usually cooking creations though. I’m celebrating 25 years with my hubby next month so I guess I’ve decided he’s a keeper as well!

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