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Hi Everyone and Happy Wednesday!  So, I know it seems like I make a lot of stuff and post it on here- but, did you know…that I don’t post everything?  I can’t always post gifts right away and then I forget about them….ha!
So, here’s a few things I have made and haven’t posted-


A birthday banner using the Pretty Pennants Cricut Cartridge and Cuttlebug folder for embossing. Love the tulle on it!

A heat transfer vinyl shirt made for a birthday party for my daughter’s friend.

A Bumblebee Tumbler- This guy was a bit of a pain to do!

A Nebraska Huskers tumbler – I think he turned out cute all layered up!

Vinyl letters for my Father-in-law’s tool boxes- that hold his drills and stuff… 🙂

He was in town finishing our basement this past weekend…The room you see below will be my new craft room! (this weekend we will be working in there some more- paint and floors…so if you have any color suggestions, let me know below)

A couple of totes for the kids’ grandmas 🙂

My family are Ohio State fans 🙂

A friend of mine wanted me to make her a shirt that announced her pregnancy 🙂 I was more than happy to, of course! (Sorry, it’s an iPhone pic)

Have a great Wednesday everyone amid don’t forget to share your color ideas with me below– I can tell you this- I love the colors in this bouquet.




  • I think you should use shades of oink and turquoise!

    When you decorate your tumblers are you using Cameo? Cameo?

  • Have you been holding out on us?? These are all so so great.Those bags are awesome for grandmas and love your tumblers.

    I think you should go with a light light blue so it is not to distracting in crft time.

  • Have have those bags and have deocrated them. Are yours vinyl, mine won’t stay on with use. So I made stencils and inked them.
    Also your tumblers on in side or out. Love your work!

  • Love your ideas !!! Craft room could be in a lime green and blue tone or if that is too bright go with a relaxing blue and white trim or nautical colors (darker blue, white, and yellow). Gee one might think I like blue.

  • I’m so excit4ed you are getting a craft room! I think you should paint the room a color that goes with pink but is not pink so you can have lots of pink accessories and stuff – that’s the fun part anyway – the fun things to find to add to the room later! Good luck with the decorating! I guess you got your flooding issues solved?!!

    • Yep- we haven’t had water in our basement since that once- and the land behind us has been sodded since then– so I think that helped a lot. 🙂 We will still be cautious with the type of flooring we put down just in case .

  • Cute projects! And congrats on the craft room! As for the paint color, i’ll give ya the run down on what my gal pals have. One has turquoise and black, one has chocolate brown with blue & white, one has a very pale yellow, one has grey and pink, and mine is going to be a green with black accents in about 6 months 🙂 Just go with your style and something that is soothing and relaxing. I will say that the gal pal that has the beige room now chose a hot pink to begin with and she couldn’t get her thoughts together……lol!!! Good luck!

  • Wonderful gift ideas! You know, you see a lot of names put on the plastic glasses, but to have the wording you did is so much more special and the cute little stick figures:) Great job!

  • Just purchased my first cricuit machine!! I cannot wait for it to be delivered next week. Does the vinyl stick well? Im concerned it will peel off after washing the tumbler cups.

    Thank you

    xoxo America!

    • If you use outdoor vinyl it will stay longer- hand washing is best. But, I put mine in the top shelf of the dishwasher and don’t have much trouble except sometimes on the teeny tiny pieces. Congrats on your cricut purchase!

  • All your projects are amazing. Im new to cricut and I was wondering what cartridge did you use to make your stick people and the characters on your tumblers?

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