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Hi everyone, and welcome to another Link Up Tuesday, where we want to see what YOU are UP TO!?  It can be paper crafts, sewing, home decor, jewelry–whatever it is– we want you to share!!

First off, my computer is FIXED.  I called yesterday to check in to see if it was done, because Apple said at the latest, Monday.  But, when I called-they realized they hadn’t sent it in yet- and it was still sitting there.  I was upset, because that meant another week without my laptop, because someone forgot to mark it in their system.  But, mistakes happen- and I was going to have to deal.  But, then I got this crazy idea to see if they could maybe loan me a laptop til my other came back in- since I was going to be without my laptop for 2 weeks.  While I was on the phone with the Apple Genius (ps. I wasn’t feeling like they were very genius-y at the moment), I asked him to just try and start it up to see what it did.  Annoyed, he took it out of the shipping box, and started it up–and it started.  He said…”hmmm…the problem was that it wasn’t starting, and it just started.”  So, guess what?  Mr. Pink went down and picked up my laptop- and I didn’t have to wait another week OR pay for repairs–because they weren’t made.  It was a teeny, tiny miracle for the Pink Household! 🙂  YAY!  (I am SO excited, because I have so much fun stuff to share with you!!)

But, first let’s get back to the link up party!! All you have to do is link up your blog post or picture below, and be sure to say you are LINKING UP with us on your blog post- you can also grab our gray and pink linkup button to the right.   Be sure to stop by a couple other blogs to say hi and give some bloggy love!

Let’s see what some of you were up to this week!


This fun layout by Paper Munch


Angela from Prettify your Life made this adorable tailgating invite…


More Fun Scraps made this super-cute  Super Mario invites…


Congrats ladies- don’t forget to grab your featured button on the right- you deserve it and it’s a NEW one!!  And, thanks to everyone for linking up this week- and I can’t wait to see what you are up to this week!!  I love how you’ve all been sharing all sorts of projects- paper, treats, fabric, furniture–keep ‘em coming!!

Also- today is the last day to get these FREE EXCLUSIVE stamps at Pink by Design.  You just have to spend $50 to get one and $75 to get both!  They are such fun sets!


Have a great day everyone!



  • Hey, Sarah … Mr. Smiley (my version of Mr. Pink) tells me that your likely issue with your laptop is that it is overheating. The rest you gave it by shipping it off to the Apple Geniuses likely allowed it sufficient time to cool and also jostle whatever might have been stopping the fan from working. Sometimes, this is as simple as lint or dust on the fan itself. Sometimes, the fan comes off its center and hangs up against the outer portion of the fan housing. Whatever, it’s good to have it back, I know. But do keep a watch on that. Replacing the fan is relatively simple (so Mr. Smiley, my resident genius, says). But you can hit the ventilation area with a spray air thingie from time to time to keep it clear and operating. Also, assist it by never blocking the vent area by actually using the laptop on your lap. And yes, a defective fan/overheating will cause the laptop not to start up.

    Ahhhh, isn’t it nice to have our own Geniuses at home?!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    • Ooh! Thanks so much for this little bit of information Ellen! 🙂 I kept thinking it had to be something so much simpler- because one other time it wouldn’t start up and I took it in, and of course it started right up for them, so I just went home. I made the mistake of mentioning that it could have had a little moisture (we are talking tiny amount) and they just said they may have to replace lots of the innards (lol). It was not going to be cheap! Mr. Smiley’s answer seems way more logical to me- so I will try blowing out the vent area- and maybe get one of those vented lap desk things. 🙂 Thanks again!!

  • I’m so glad you got your computer back! Looks like the anniversary weekend was fun – so sad I missed it! Cute link up projects this week! All of the challenges were also super cute! And – I love your exclusive stamp sets – Awesome! I got my sweet grams 2 in record time and hope to make my birthday candy grams with it today – so Thank you!! You have saved me yet again!
    Have a great day!

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