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Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a fab-U-lous week!  Today, I want to show you a quick tutorial of a Baby Card I made.  It seems, that babies are popping up all over the place lately- so I wanted to be sure to have a couple of cards on hand.

However, if you do not know any babies that are being born or are on their way– you can easily change this card to something that suits another occasion.

What’d you think?  Easy enough to replicate?

The pictures make the card look a little more orange-melon than peach-melon like it is in real life.   Either way-I still think it’s pretty. 🙂  And now, that I think about it…. the sentiment I used- could also be used for a thank you card for a sweet gesture, right?

This sentiment is from the new baby-themed stamp set from Pink by Design called Sweet Baby- and it has all of those sweet thoughts that I wanted to put into a baby album, for my own children.

Be sure to link up here and show us what you are up to this week–AND….if you love challenges- Pink by Design is having a challenge this week, complete with a prize!! 🙂  wahoo!! Check it out!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!! 🙂


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