Hershey’s Candy Bar Holder

Hi everyone and Happy Monday! I have a FUN, FUN, FUN tutorial to share with you all today! Now, you know how much I like CANDY gifts- which was what inspired me to create the Sweet Grams stamp set–and if you promise not to tell, I will let you in on a little secret….(shhh…..there is a part 2 of Sweet Grams in the making!!!)

But, to mix it up a little- today I used one of my other favorite stamp sets and die sets- called Artisan Tags– which is a must have, because it covers so many great occasions.  And, since I’ve been trying really hard to make more videos–there is a video on how to make this cute little gift!

Are you totally laughing at my inability to control my chocolate craving?!  Ha!



Thanks for stopping by- and I will post the winner of the $50 gift certificate to Scrapbuck later today 🙂


  • Love it!. Do you know that Hershey bars are my fav…even better that expensive chocolate for me… the problem is that the Canadian version of these SUCK…they don’t taste like the American ones at all. You used to be able to buy the miniatures and they were still the American version…but now they are Canadian ones too…yuck! I have to stock up when I’M in the USA.

  • Sarah…this is just adorable! I have ordered the stamps from Erica’s Room to get the Sweet Treats! Can’t wait til she gets them to me! Are they still shipping or in stock already? Thanks as always for your great ideas!

  • love….so cute! Chocolate cravings – I went to Alabanese – best chocolate in the world – this weekend to buy malt balls, chocolate covered peanuts and of course gummi butterflies and flowers! AND I also made cookie dough truffles….YUM!

  • I am going to have to get this stamp and die set. Love it!! Such a cute idea from the Hershey sliders!! Great way to use scrap papers.

  • Very cute idea but your original measurement of 3.5″ works best for the 1.55 oz candy bar. The 3″ size was too small for my candy bars. Made for all 7 of my daughter’s teachers for the end of the year.

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