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Hi everyone and Happy Friday!! Woohoo-it’s Friday, Friday… and guess what I have ANOTHER video for you!

Some of you  mentioned that you like my ‘gifty’ type tutorials- so this one is kind like that- PLUS, I give you another peek at the DCWV Homespun Stack–which I LOVE!

I think YOU are 100% absolutely positively, without a doubt Amazing & Beautiful on the Inside & Out! 🙂

Don’t you love the stitching on this paper?  Way better than doing my own stitching for it!!

And- I loved this shot- because you could really see the texture on the paper!

Oh- and the kids and I also made HOMEMADE Marshmallow Cream yesterday- and it was so YUMMY!  I didn’t take pictures, because it’s a little bit of a messy process- but, the kids LOVED it!

We like to make Peanut Butter & Marshmallow sandwiches- or as some people like to call them: Fluffernutters- Of course, my husband had never heard of this when we got married–and he still makes a face when the kids and I eat them.  I am not sure Mr. Pink has ever dared to try one of our yummy sandwiches- but, his brother has been here all week, and he didn’t hesitate to help himself to his very 1st Fluffernutter sandwich with homemade marshmallow cream! 😉

How about you? Have you had a PB & Marshmallow sandwich before- we’ll do a little comment survey and see if more of you are like me or more of you are like Mr. Pink!


  • I love this gift card ideal!!! This will come in handy:) i have never heard a PB & Marshmallow sandwich but it does sound good;) Thank You for the Vedio.

  • Love the card. Have never tried peanut butter and marshmallow, but would not be above trying one. Would like to know how to make homemade marshmallow cream, too.

  • Awesome card! We love Fluffernutters and my son sometimes adds slices of bananas or uses a hot dog bun PB & Fluffy with whole bananna as the dog – Yummy!! Would love to know how you make your Marshmallow cream 🙂

    Thanks again.

  • AWESOME CARD!! I always need gift card holders! You are so rockin the videos this week girl – THANK YOU!! You have helped me get out of my scrappy slump! As to your survey – I don’t eat pb – just haven’t ever liked it so I am with Mr. Pink on this one. However, my kids love it – and Fluffernutters are a funny family story for us – Our family has always used the word Fluff instead of the other word that is commonly used for passing gas. Has been this way for generations – anyway we were at a friends house and she offered the kiddos lunch – she said I have plain peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey or peanut butter and fluff. Well, you can imaging the looks on my kids faces at that offer!
    I loved how you completely cracked yourself up in your video! Snort and all – Have a great weekend!!

  • I have heard of fluffernutter sandwiches, but I have to admit I’ve never tried them. I don’t know for sure, but I think I may be more like Mr. Pink where these sandwiches are concerned.


  • I love this gift card idea!! TFS
    I used to eat them as a kid, but haven’t had one for years. Might have to make one!! lol

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