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Hi everyone and Happy Thursday! It seems like I crafted all day yesterday- getting things done that I needed to get done- but, I found it was nothing I could really post!  Crazy, right?

So, I whipped up this card at the end of the day- I designed the whole thing inside the silhouette program- drawing the triangle for the card, and and polygon for the rind.  Then… I welded 2 triangles together to make the card base, and of course I couldn’t forget the holes for the seeds.   It sounds much harder than it was!


The paper is from Lori Whitlock’s Echo Park Hello Summer, and the sentiment is from PBD Love Always— one that is a must have for all sorts of cards.

I guess I can share this quick photo with you too- taken with Instagram- it’s a project I put together, for a make and take I am doing for my mom’s church this weekend.  It’s a matchbox, with a  necklace card inside- you know the kind that holds a necklace? So– I cut all the pieces for them to put them together this weekend.

Of course, I SAY I crafted all day– but, in truth- you know I am a mom, so I really didn’t craft ALL day-  😉  We also took the time for Jaxen to catch a frog in the backyard- after we picnicked in our back yard.  (taken with my phone thru the screen)

And- Alexis got all diva-ish- with mom’s sunglasses, earrings and eyeshadow 🙂  Though she won’t get to leave the house like this- she felt quite glamourous!

OH! And, I can’t forget- today Jaxen proposed to me with this ring he picked out at Kohl’s- 🙂 I am LOVIN’ rose gold right now- and he was happy to use the box to propose to his mommy!  (my heart melted) Sorry the photo is blurry, I took it while I was sitting at a red light…


Don’t forget to LINK UP this week and Get ready because this weekend I am in a DISNEY Blog Hop- I worked on my project today, and I LOVE it!! 🙂 I can’t wait to show you on Saturday!

Have a great day everyone!!




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