Stamp Storage & a Teacher Gift

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday! 🙂  It’s been a busy week here- and I am glad to see the weekend getting closer.  Yesterday, I spent some time organizing my stamps in a different way that I thought might work better for me.  You may know, I used to have them on a Clip-it-up organizer- which was tall and had a ton of clips all around 2 tiers.  However, I was having trouble locating what I was looking for-so….well…I’ll show you in a minute.   First, let’s look at this teacher gift.

I remember when I was teaching- was also when I started to drink coffee-  Something about all day with all kinds of children, makes you need a little extra energy- so I turned to tea or coffee.  So, I picked up this little Starbucks insulated cup.  I love these things- and have several at our house.  Reusable, and will keep your drink cold for a long time.  The small ones are about $6- and I filled it with little Starbucks VIA, which are their instant cold coffees.  Then I added a flag/tag that I just hand cut.

The sentiment is actually a combination of 2 sentiments:  The first part is from the PBD Perk Up stamp set,  and the “teacher” part is from the PBD Our Teachers stamp set. 


I also picked up a Starbucks gift card—all while picking myself up a Venti Caramel Macchiato 😉  I cut out a little gift card holder from Lori Whitlock- except it originally had a snowflake on it- so I took it off, and added a little coffee mug instead.

Then I tied some seam binding around it- and let the gift card peek thru- because it matched so well!

Cute card, right?!

Okay…I know you are dying to look at my stamps–if you didn’t see them on Facebook yesterday that is 🙂  I saw my friend Liz with these baskets containing almost as many PBD stamps a couple weekends ago- and she told me she got the baskets at Michael’s- so off I went.  I picked up 6 at 40% off, regular priced 5.99 each.  I only chose turquoise and pink- but there were other colors…

Then I measured and made dividers using the silhouette software and cut out a ton of them!  They measure about 5×7 and I could fit 2 on 1 piece of 8.5×11 card stock.

Then I typed out all the PBD stamp set names, and made labels—lots and lots of labels! I printed them, and then cut them out in the Silhouette, with adhesive paper.

Makes it easy to find, because they are all in alphabetical order- and that way I will always know which stamp set I am using 😉

Since I had another basket- I decided to fill it with my Cuttlebug folders.  I use to have them in a binder with photo pages, but I found it too much of a hassle to pull out and flip thru to use- which meant I didn’t use them.  So, with them like this I am hoping I will use them more 🙂


If you are thinking of organizing your Pink by Design Stamps this way- send me your email and I can send you the silhouette file with all of the stamp names on it- that you can print and cut.  So, you can be as organized as me!  (the rest of my craft room is NOT this organized)


  • This is awesome! Right now I have them in binders that are getting way too bulky. I am reorganizing this summer, so maybe I can work this into the plan. Can you please send me the Silhouette files? Thx

  • Just popping in! Haven’t been by in a while, but I’m looking forward to finding a way to organize my stamps too when I move to my apartment. I really like this option! Besides being pretty, it’ll make it a lot easier to use everything. I still have all of my PBD stamps in the plastic packaging because I love how they look, but now that I have so many sets, it’s getting impractical, haha. I ‘d like to do a pink and green basket option … hmmm … haha, still have to wait until post-wedding and honeymoon though. Then I can go back to maybe spending on crafty things!

  • FABULOUS!!!! Soo proud of you to do this! I need such strength to do this! I dont know why..the rest of the house is pretty good, my room….OH DEAR GOD!! My thing is paper…I do have my stamps in good, well wait…never mind! i need something like this!! Arrrrgh! Help!! Calgon!

  • Super cute bins – it must feel so good to get organized!
    I love the cup idea for teacher appreciation – I will have to tuck that one away for next year!! But I did use your “Have a jolly day” and “Thanks for making me a smartie” stamps on gifts at the beginning of the week – so thanks for putting that stamp set out – it made this week of teacher appreciation easier!
    Have a great day!

  • I love the ideal! Could you please send me the files also with the dividers as well. I am always looking for ways to save space and time. I am always forgetting where i put things. LOL

  • OMG Sarah I LOVE the teacher gifts (starbucks, of course) and I LOVE how you did the stamp dividers! What a creative and great idea!!



  • Wow Love your teacher gift! And you are sooo organized. I love the way you set up your stamps. I don’t have the table space to do this so mine are seperated into drawers by holiday’s, birthdays, etc.

  • These are both great ideas! I have no teachers to gift, but this is a perfect co-worker gift! Your stamp and cuttlebug files are awesome! I see some colorful baskets in my future!

  • That stamp organization is dynamite. Don’t have that store anywhere near me but I think I can find/make boxes to follow the idea. Would love the name of the Sil files if they are in their store or a share. You are awesome! Thanks so much.

  • I just found you on Pinterest. Great tutorials, etc. I did sign up for your newsletter too.

    I would love to get the template for the dividers and labels. Thanks for offering to share.

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