Personalized Baby Gift

For today’s project, I needed a cute, unique baby gift.  I took a stroll through my local Dollar Tree, and found a couple of baby items that I thought would be great for personalizing.  I purchased a set of 2 sippy cups, a baby utensil set with case and a set of colorful baskets.

I cut out the baby’s name for each item with vinyl scraps I had in my craft room.  I chose to use the baby’s name, because any new mother loves to see her baby’s name on things.  It suddenly makes that $1 item, priceless!

I chose a baseball type font, since the theme for the baby’s room is baseball!  Isn’t that cute?  The name only needed to be cut out at 2.5 inches for the utensil holder.

For the sippy cups, I thought it would be cute to put “Jude’s Juice.”  It’s kind of catchy!  The vinyl was cut at 3 inches.  

Here are all of the items in the cute little basket, the letters here were cut at 4 inches across:

 Project Estimate:

  • Sippy Cups 2 for $1
  • Baby Utensils and Holder $1
  • Plastic basket 4 for $1

Total: $2.25


Since I was personalizing things– my 5 year old son, asked if he could have a personalized water bottle- I said, “Sure! What do you want it to say?”  And he said without hesitation: “I love my sissy…” Well, of course I had to make it- and I made her one as well that says, “I love my brother.”

He had water in them both, and ready to give hers to her when she got home from school!

To allow your vinyl to stay longer on things like this, use outdoor vinyl and hand wash. 🙂

Have a great Wednesday everyone and don’t forget to LINK up to have a chance to let me buy something for you, that I am buying for myself! 🙂


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