DIY Tiffany’s Necklace

We all know that pretty  blue box–the one from Tiffany’s, that girls dream of… I fell for their skeleton key necklace a few years back, that I just had to have…and now there’s a new necklace that caught my eye….the necklace that means infinity.   Here’s the necklace from the Tiffany’s website for $250.

It’s pretty and simple…(of course there are also diamond encrusted ones for even a few more pennies) Though- I am not a jewelry expert- I am never afraid to try to make something.   Of course I don’t weld or melt metal- but, I knew I could hammer metal wire into the shape I wanted it to be….so that is what I did.  I had Blue Moon Beads chain pieces, and metal wire.   I formed the wire piece, and then took the piece out to the garage to hammer it with my mallet….though it was pretty awkward to hold, so I switched to my Tim Holtz texture hammer–which worked like a charm!  After I hammered the piece, carefully without overhammering- I connected the chain to both sides of the infinity pendant, and added a clasp to the back.


Of course, mine is not as thick or as beautiful as Tiffany’s- but, I really like the simplicity of it- (even if it is hanging a little crooked for this picture) ha!  Well, I had some thicker gauge wire in my daughter’s favorite color- so I thought I’d give it another go.

I like how hers turned out thicker, after hammering–so I bought some thicker silver wire at Joann’s today while I was there picking up sewing machine needles.  (My sewing project is in the background of the necklace)  My daughter loved her necklace- as I gave it to her on her birthday.  I let her know that it stood for infinity- which is how long she’d be my daughter- and how much I loved her-  She was excited to have a mother/daughter necklace- and was amazed that I made it!

Maybe this could be a video I do some day soon–what do you think?

Also, yesterday I challenged myself to make a project in the 20 minutes I had, before an appointment- and this is what I came up with:

Who would have thought- I would choose a layout to whip out in 20 minutes?!  I like this layout roll I am on!! 🙂

Have a great Friday everyone!!




  • Pretty necklaces! You did a great job on the LO! I could never get a LO done in 20minutes and have it look this good.

  • Awesome necklaces!! I think I like the colored wire better than the tiffany! I love the lay out – I think list making is the best! Have a great weekend in KC!

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