Copy Cat KFC Biscuits

It was too chilly to swim here yesterday, so I cleaned- watched the kids put on a puppet show or two and then I got in the mood to bake.  I threw dinner in the crockpot, so I could spend my time on the ‘important’ stuff- like biscuits and cookies!

The biscuits I made were SUPER SIMPLE, and when I tried them- I seriously imagined myself making them again and again- because they were so YUMMY.  The first thing I thought of was that they tasted EXACTLY like those yummy Kentucky Fried Chicken biscuits that I usually dip in butter and honey….but better, if that’s possible.

Then, I imagined slathering them with sausage gravy- can you tell I like down-home country foods?  I just think there’s a time for ‘city’ food (ahi tuna-yum) and a time for ‘country’ food– I love it all….

I thought maybe it was all in my head- but then Mr. Pink walked in the door- and he tried a biscuit- and do you know what he said without a word from me?   “Wow-these taste like Kentucky Fried Chicken…”

So…it is with my pleasure and also with a word of warning, that I am sharing this recipe with you.  The warning is- you WILL want to make them again and again- 🙂

Ready for the simple recipe?

  • 2 1/2 cups of Bisquick-(I usually only keep this on hand for Sausage Balls- everything else I make from scratch, but I am glad I had it for today’s quick recipe)
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup of 7 up – (WHAT?! 7 up? Yep…7 up- while you’re at it- pour yourself a glass with some grenadine and a cherry)
  • 1/4 cup of melted butter- (the real stuff)
That’s it! Seriously. 4 ingredients- don’t worry about printing this off- you could probably just memorize it.
Preheat oven to 450.
Mix sour cream into the Bisquick, using a fork- add 7up and mix. Sprinkle extra bisquick onto counter and plop your dough onto the counter- knead together,  adding bisquick if needed. Pat down, and cut out using round biscuit cutters or if you want to be  ‘country,’ a drinking glass will work too 🙂
Don’t bother rolling it out– it doesn’t have to be perfect!  I let my 7 year old cut out the biscuits. 🙂
Pour melted butter in baking dish- I used an 8×8 square baking dish- and you can melt the butter right in it if you need to. 🙂

Set the biscuit on top of the butter, and bake for 12-15 minutes.


Here is what they look like coming out of the oven- the perfect color- the perfect texture- and SO YUMMY!  Don’t they look like those pre made ones you can buy in the freezer section…?  Those are so not as good as these though!


Yum, yum, yum- Easy, easy, easy!  Guess I better start keeping 7up on hand!



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