Blooms for Teacher & a Sneak

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!! Today, I have quick and easy project for you- that you can do for anyone, teachers, neighbors, Mother’s Day….you are going to LOVE it!

I should warn you that I do NOT have a green thumb- not any shade of green…not olive, not hunter, not spring green…I kill nearly everything I plant.  But, I do love looking at flowers and plants- and I like the idea of them– which makes it PERFECT for me to give them as gifts, giving the plant a MUCH better chance for survival!

So, I went to Lowe’s and browsed the small plants- because I knew I had these cute little terra-cotta pots at home that I picked up at Hobby Lobby on clearance. You could get a set of 6 plants for under $2- a steal! (The last ‘plant’ I bought was a tree, last year–and it was not anywhere near $2)

When you get the plants home (they are already divided- so just section them off, and take enough soil to fill the pot and place the plant.  Super easy- and you’ll barely get dirty!  I had Jaxen help me. It’s good for little boys to see their moms playing in dirt 😉


I then took colored pencils and shortened them (breaking off the bottom half) and sticking the colored pencils into the pots to make a place for the sentiment flags to go. Plus, it looks teacher-y, right? 

I stamped the little banner flags with PBD Our Teachers stamp set (teacher) and the Thankful for U is a SNEAK PEEK of one of the new PBD stamps yet to be released! (Ps. I am in LOVe with this new stamp set)




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