Etched Floating Frame

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!  First, I wanted to let you know that Jaxen’s little hospital visit and minor surgery went well- he was back to himself in just a few short hours after he woke up from the anesthesia.  Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

I also have this floating frame that I bought from Joann’s or half off- which made it $10.  It is 16×20, and when I bought it, I kind of knew what I wanted to do with it- but, wasn’t 100% sure.  I knew I wanted to use etching vinyl- which is vinyl, that is crystal like, so it gives an awesome etched glass look when it’s applied to glass.  Love this stuff- because etching cream can be finicky. 🙂


I wanted to not only personalize it with our last name- but our first names too- because we try to stress individuality in our little home.  But- if you don’t like that, you can always put established and a year at the bottom too.

The picture I put in the frame was 8×10, and I centered it in between the glass panes, before I decided how big I wanted to cut the vinyl letters.

Since it’s see through- It was hard to photograph it- but, I wanted to try to show off the vinyl so you could see that it looks etched.  The etched vinyl is placed on the outside of the glass, and the fonts I used are: Qumpellka No. 12 for the top, and Playball for the bottom.

I LOVE how it turned out- It would make a great gift for someone- a wedding, an anniversary, a baby gift- almost anything! 🙂

Yay- it seriously makes me so happy!!

So…tonight I am off to volunteer at Alexis’ Reading night- and then tomorrow is her birthday party- though her birthday is not til the 2nd of May.  Wish me luck on that- and I promise I will post pics of all that we’ve made and put together for the party.

Then…Sunday we have a Pink by Design event and make in take in Omaha! 🙂  So, please if you are nearby–stop in and see us!

Thanks for stopping by today- and have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


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