Cutting Fabric with the Cameo & Making a Onesie Cupcake

Happy Thursday everyone!  I have been wanting to experiment with fabric in my Cameo- but, just have not gotten around to it– but yesterday I was really feeling like I should just do it- and I made the declaration on my Facebook page- which if you haven’t ‘liked’ yet- you totally should! 🙂

Well– after a few hours passed by, I had a couple people ask me how it went–and guess what?  I hadn’t even started- I got distracted with other things–but, I knew I would have to get started soon, because people were asking for a video.  (Thanks for keeping me on my toes, everyone!)

After I did the project though, I wanted to make my project into something more…something with a sneak peek of Friday’s release.  So, I made another video–and they are both ready to watch today!  I am pretty sure I am setting some kind of Pink Cricut record here…

First the fabric video:

I have to admit, I was totally amazed at how easy this was!

I am going to be sure to pick up more baby onesies at the Dollar Tree to make a ton of adorable baby gifts! Also, if you’d like to iron on the tie, instead of sewing it on, you will need to buy the Heat n Bond lite with the paper-backing instead of heat and bond lightweight. 🙂

 Okay–now onto what I made this little onesie into…which I knew I had to make a video of…

Easy, peasy and uber-cutesy, right?

The cupcake stand is a Silhouette file from Alaa’ K and once I figured out which way to fold the score lines- it was super easy to put together!

What do you think of the sneak peek?



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